McDonalds Pasir Ris

In the vibrant community of Pasir Ris, McDonald’s adds its flavorful touch with six bustling outlets. These aren’t just places to grab a quick meal; they’re the heart of local gatherings and a source of delightful moments. We’ll provide the addresses and menu of each McDonald in Pasir Ris. From the crispy goodness of fries to the savory satisfaction of Angus Cheeseburger, each outlet boasts a menu designed to cater to the diverse tastes of the community. Join us as we uncover the distinct flavors that define McDonald Menu in Pasir Ris, making it a cherished destination for delicious meals and sharing memories.

McDonalds Pasir Ris Menu
McDonald's Pasir Ris Sports Complex

McDonald’s Pasir Ris Sports Complex

120 Pasir Ris Central, #01-12 Sports Centre, Singapore 519640

McDonald's Pasir Ris Drive

McDonald Pasir Ris Drive

93 Pasir Ris Drive 3, #01-02 Elias Community Club, Singapore 519498

McDonald's Pasir Ris Central St 3

McDo Pasir Ris Central St 3

1 Pasir Ris Central St 3, #01 – 28 / 29, Singapore 518457

McDonald's Downtown East

McDonalds Downtown East

1 Pasir Ris Cl, #01-338, Singapore 519599

McDonald's Loyang Point

Loyang Point McDonalds

258 Pasir Ris Street 21 01-25 Loyang Point, 510258

McDonald's Pasir Ris West Plaza

McDo Pasir Ris West Plaza

735 Pasir Ris Street 72, #01-342B West Plaza, Singapore 510735

KING Hunter23KING Hunter23
00:16 25 May 24
Clean, fast svc..
Layheok NgLayheok Ng
11:10 21 May 24
The short Chinese girl (black colour shirt)like no happy to served my dinner foodKnock the water bottle on table trayMy receipt show 18:31pmI see 18:45pm my food haven’t come and I just ask the staff girl , her attitude very bad …I feel so sad about that…hope the Macdonald there customer service will improved …thanks
Zayn BongZayn Bong
00:02 20 May 24
Roxy BlueRoxy Blue
22:08 19 May 24
i order hotcakes from grab and they literally forget my maple syrup i order 2 set of hotcakes meal and when i call them to ask why i didn’t get any maple syrup they told me its not their fault coz they couldn’t see the order coz i order it from grab so it should be the grab fault and i was like wth?!
Feroz GhulamFeroz Ghulam
05:50 15 May 24
Anto Assisi Roque MAnto Assisi Roque M
10:57 24 Feb 24
03:14 24 Feb 24
koh neriskoh neris
03:16 22 Feb 24
Good 👍
A lady employee was being unfair towards me. I don't know if it was regarding my race, there were no sauce sachets in my takeaway packet. So I asked for a curry sauce to her. She was giving curry sauce to everyone who were asking for, but when I asked, she was so rude and charged 50 cents to get the curry sauce. And before I took the 50 cents, she went. Then I asked to a manager who was also there, he gave me it without asking anything, Because usually the sauce is free in McDonald's.
Liew Chin Shin JeffreyLiew Chin Shin Jeffrey
02:13 09 Feb 24
Irfan OomskIrfan Oomsk
06:08 27 Jan 24
arif rahmanarif rahman
14:43 25 Jan 24
Ordered chicken prosperity burger and beef prosperity burger x2 meal. And they delivered only one chicken prosperity burger. What made it even disappointing is the standard of the chicken prosperity burger. The chicken is not even dipped with the sauce properly.Tried to call the place but number keeps hanging up.This is the worst. Do not buy from this place.
melv kymelv ky
23:43 22 Jan 24
AccountForThe FunnyAccountForThe Funny
06:38 22 Jan 24
server took very long to make my food abd currently im still waiting. when i aaked the server, tgey gavd a rude response
19:03 26 Dec 23
Winson ChanWinson Chan
09:54 03 Dec 23
Hazel TohHazel Toh
09:32 08 Nov 23
Michael PehMichael Peh
10:33 07 Nov 23
Dave ChouDave Chou
01:00 06 Nov 23
14:50 28 Jul 23
Disappointed, I ordered a mcspicy meal to go. Ended up with a chicken patty that's definitely not mcspicy...
00:16 11 Jul 23
Food: 5/5The food at this McDonald's outlet is comparable to other McDonald's outlets in terms of taste and quality.Key thing is most of the menu is availableService: 3.5/5The service at this McDonald's outlet is good. The staff are friendly and efficient. The condiments are fully stocked.Only couple of staff servicing can be painful disrupting the order deliveryAtmosphere: 5/5The atmosphere at this McDonald's outlet is clean and bright. The dining area is spacious and comfortable, and there is a drive-thru option for those who are in a hurry. The location is also convenient, as it is located next to a sports hall. This makes it a great place to grab a quick snack before or after a workout.Overall: 4/5
diana pehdiana peh
08:10 08 Jun 23
One of my favorite spot to chill or zoom/work as less crowd and really many space esp even after 1500 or 1600
C.C QuahC.C Quah
03:32 01 Jun 23
Absolutely a big NO for drive thru. We waited for nearly 30 min for drive thru, and thinking maybe it was packed for eat in, but nope, there's aren't many crowds. I definitely stay away for drive thru for this branch, especially in the evening. The service is just too slow, we were thinking the fastest to settle hungry stomach is to get fast food? But hell no for this branch.As well I hardly got hot fries from here. ??
Colin LiewColin Liew
11:22 26 Mar 23
I like coming here.The service is fast.Everyone is friendly and helpful.The food is hot, and McDonald's good.I usually order either quarter pounder and my son double filet o fish.Fries are my favorite.Always crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.Recently, they made the fries less salty... for health reasons I guess.Chilli sauce is unique to Singapore.Garlic flavored.Not spicy.
Boromir BoromirBoromir Boromir
02:13 25 May 24
A good McDonald's. Staff are friendly and helpful, while one person cleans tables and removes trash constantly. Neat clean and tidy and nice family atmosphereThe breakfast scrambled egg, sausage, cheese was very fresh hot and tasty, hash brown was hot and crispy and the white coffee was hot, fresh and smooth. All for $6.20. You gotta go here
Gulam MohideenGulam Mohideen
12:43 22 May 24
07:56 15 May 24
Hmm the ice cream sundae is abit melted when i received it 🙁
03:17 08 May 24
my hashbrow aint cook 💀
Mike KohMike Koh
12:10 07 May 24
Ordered 2 large fries and 1 medium fries. Large fries were half-filled. Medium fries were like small fries.
Zhang JiahongZhang Jiahong
05:49 06 Mar 24
They did not fill my Medium sized coke to the brim they left at least 10ml of space
10:42 24 Feb 24
Ran out of fries.Are you serious?!Might as well don't open.
Anna GrigoryevaAnna Grigoryeva
06:16 20 Feb 24
Nic RNic R
09:33 24 Jan 24
writing this review only for staff SHENG RONG! He saw that i was injured and limping and he went out of his way to ask if i was okay and needed help with anything. Very courteous and i felt warm with his show of concern. Keep up the good work! 🙂
Haiqal AqilHaiqal Aqil
14:54 23 Jan 24
Meng Pok ThumMeng Pok Thum
12:11 06 Jan 24
This space kept changing tenants, the last one was a halal food court, without air-conditioned yet the prices were much more expensive than air-conditioned food court, business was really bad, closed down in a very short period. McDonald took over, renovation was well done, very comfortable, all staff I interact with are very nice, McDonald done a good job by providing clean and comfortable dining space, with relatively reasonable prices.
Candy GohCandy Goh
12:33 28 Dec 23
Love the new interior design with floor to ceiling windows that gives a very airy spacious feel. Love to hangout when there is not many people there 🙂
Super BaobaoSuper Baobao
11:17 17 Dec 23
The best mcds in the east so far. They have pro active staff and are the friendliest compared to White sand,Elias and downtown or even tampines regionFood is always hot, ready to collect asap
Pol TadifaPol Tadifa
13:37 15 Dec 23
Shaun LeeShaun Lee
14:27 30 Nov 23
Was here on a rainy night close to the closing hours ordered for takeaway but decided to eat in since it was raining, dropped my fries on the floor but one of the workers, namely Iqil saw and told me that he’ll get me a new box of fries, appreciate it brother thanks for the kindness and kudos to you, good things are coming your way!
10:51 25 Nov 23
There was this middle aged lady mopping the floor while I was eating. And she had to touch my foot while doing it. Very irritating!!!
Jacob TANJacob TAN
04:40 22 Nov 23
One of the newest but smallest Macdonalds outlet in Singapore. Today with the McChicken and nuggets offer as well as the BigMac reward, I decided to have burger meal. Service at this outlet has improved since the last I ate here 2 months ago. Food is OK. Price paid for 3 burgers, 3 fries, 3 drinks and 8 pieces nuggets $19.
Nurul SalizaNurul Saliza
00:50 12 Sep 23
Love the ambience, kak luna was very nice and helpful. Happy that we have mcdonalds here!
02:15 16 Aug 23
Have ordered about 5 times from this McDonald’s, 2 of em’ orders i ordered via mobile (takeaway), they packed the wrongly including today. The first time when they packed wrongly, sure fine, I went back down to exchange the burger. But this time when I ordered Latte without sugar, they packed it with sugar. Therefore giving a low 3 review.Please be aware of your orders and cross check each other upon packing, do not tell me that it’s packed because there were not much people at that time around 10am.I hope they improve this, thank you
01:55 30 Jul 23
First day so far good quality food. I don't expect the quality to last hahahahaa.Though I just find their Kitchen too big since there isn't a dessert kiosk or mc cafe. I find that they could have made half of their kitchen space for more dining space.They even have sink to wash your hands and a dedicated tray place for those who order mobile order takeaway.They also have chargers at certain seats. Really nice atmosphere.

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