McDonald's Jurong East Outlets

Are you feeling hungry in Jurong East, Singapore? Guess what? McDonald’s, the place with all the yummy burgers and fries, has not one but three restaurants here. You can find one by JEM Mall, another near IMM, and even one close to Jurong East Street 24. So, no matter where you are in Jurong East, you’re always close to a delicious McDo meal. Grab your friends, tell your family, and prepare for a fun-filled McDonalds feast.

McDonalds in Jurong East has all your favorite eats. Jurong East’s outlets have juicy burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing drinks like Coca-Cola. Were you feeling like something sweet? Don’t worry; they also have yummy McFlurries and warm apple pies. So come on down and let the yummy food fun begin.

Jurong East McDonalds Menu

Some of the items on the McDo menu at Jurong West are as follows.

McDonald's Jurong East Outlets Menu

McDonald’s Jurong East Outlets

McDonald's Canberra Outlet in Jurong East Singapore

McDonald Canberra

133 Canberra Vw, #01-01/02/03/28 Canberra Plaza, Singapore 750133.

30 Sembawang Dr, #01 - 16 / 17 Sun Plaza, Singapore 757713.

McDonalds Sun Plaza

30 Sembawang Dr, #01 – 16 / 17 Sun Plaza, Singapore 757713.

McDonald's Sembawang Outlet in Jurong East

McDo Sembawang

604 Sembawang Road, Sembawang Shopping Centre, #01-27, Singapore 758459.

McDonald’s Jurong East Reviews

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shayan Iranishayan Irani
04:16 17 May 24
Slow service, always ran out of chilli, the patrons dropped the whole packet of fries on the floor at the back seats. An hour later, the fries still lying on the floor.
Heryadi NgajeriHeryadi Ngajeri
01:54 04 May 24
Ordered advance for my take away food stated at 9am specifically. Ended up have to wait for 1HOUR for MacDonald SSC to prepare. I even have to go down personally to SSC to take my order. If I can put negative stars, I am more than happy to do it. Such a disgrace & bad service .
Jack ChungJack Chung
05:23 13 Apr 24
staff is very rude
Jia Yu SunJia Yu Sun
11:45 29 Mar 24
Avoid this outlet go to Canberra plaza Outlet instead. Severely understaffed. Any crowd at all and will take 20 mins for your order
Wei Ling LimWei Ling Lim
01:15 03 Mar 24
Very poor service quality at Sembawang Shopping Centre MacDonald's. Staff was reluctant to use counter machine to help order take away. That staff immediately turned her head away without proper greeting.
Weslyn LowWeslyn Low
05:06 31 Jan 24
Waited 2.5h off peak for delivery, no food, no update, absolute service failure and no service recovery at all
Msh NiyazMsh Niyaz
18:22 08 Jan 24
Iris N.Iris N.
14:32 15 Dec 23
My first 1 star google review. The service and the waiting time for this outlet is TERRIBLE. Came here several times and thought that they would improve over time, apparently not. On 15/12/23 around 10pm when the shop barely had any customers already, I had to wait around 20 minutes for my order. Isn’t this FAST food? I believe the shop isn’t short manpower as I saw the crews inside the kitchen giggling/talking away with their masks down. In this period when we have 56,000 cases of covid this week. One item from my order is a hot tea. Unlike other outlets, I am not seeing the full condiments for the customers to self service thus, I had to request for sugar. The manager (I suppose, dressed in grey collar top) gave me the sugar that I requested for and asked, stirrer? I mean, isn’t it obvious because you didn’t provide when you were packing my order. He was also shouting across to the kitchen why is no one preparing the drinks. This manager and the staff needs serious training and guidance.
Hing Wei ChingHing Wei Ching
10:51 28 Nov 23
Hope the staff crew pay more attention to clean up tables .
PS LeePS Lee
08:14 25 Sep 23
See for yourself the amount of purple cabbage on the buttermilk chicken.Milo is diluted, fries were cold and stale.Really disappointing. Just go Sun Plaza.
Dawn BreakersDawn Breakers
18:20 20 Sep 23
Super rude Filipino manager Ann there, very Guailan, Kup the call and shouted at me through the phone
Clarette TeoClarette Teo
06:01 27 Aug 23
Service super slow (>15mins waiting time for fast food???) and dirty - vomit was left uncleaned for the 30mins that I was there… very gross
13:26 09 Aug 23
I spent $4.40 on a large pack of cold fries.
Christina AngChristina Ang
08:20 01 Aug 23
Truly enjoyed my solo time at this outlet. Service was prompt, food served hot and staff is polite. Environment is clean including the kitchen, not noisy too around lunchtime. Thumbs up!
00:56 15 Jul 23
The hot cakes are so cold that the butter couldn't melt. Bad management.The outlet was not busy at all at the time, that they didn't need to prepare in advance and let food to turn cold.
Suyin NgSuyin Ng
03:10 25 Mar 23
The coffee cannot make it here. Super diluted as if it’s 90% of hot water and mere 10% of coffee only. If you don’t wanna spoil the start of your day, don’t risk it!
Based on 533 reviews
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Vincent LVincent L
01:52 20 May 24
Slow service. Crowd is slow but took me over 15mins to get it delivered to my table. Rude floor staff as my order is served with a single hand with no form of good gesture even after I told them my order is a bit slow. Please see CCTV and try to improve service standard. Cheers.
Sam LimSam Lim
01:42 17 May 24
Very impressed with one of the employee, Fiona. She was very helpful, patient and could do everything from serving, cleaning, helping at the auto ordering station, and I even saw her making coffee like a professional barrister. She looks like someone with very positive working attitude. This is the type of employee that I would like to hire anytime!!
Lee Hou WongLee Hou Wong
00:28 16 May 24
My fav Mc D outlet, the staffs are friendly n the place is very clean! 5 stars for sure 👍
Yew Kee FoonYew Kee Foon
07:45 13 May 24
The atmosphere is good, table service is available, and there is a variety of breakfast options.
09:50 12 May 24
Kayne TanKayne Tan
00:36 28 Mar 24
Bh LowBh Low
06:59 27 Mar 24
I despise american fast food...they are nothing but junk food , with no nutrition value. Basically rubbish.
Shinrai ZanShinrai Zan
04:13 26 Mar 24
Today is the last day of sweet paprika chicken burger upside meal for members and unavailable. A mcd staff Ms Nadia explained the reason and give a free mc chicken coupon with a month expiry as a compensate. Love the service and keep it up ! , thank you Ms nadia and mcdonald!
David KwokDavid Kwok
07:10 25 Mar 24
25 March 2024: A special outlet that has been performing in various sub-standard ways for years ever since they opened and they don't even notice and won't even bother to improve.1) They like to fill drinks (regardless with ice or without ice) and leave 1 cm empty space at the brim and claim it's for safety from spillage when the design of the covers are extremely tight fitting.2) They like to fill up packets of medium and large fries just 3 quarters full. Very obvious so that they can fry lesser batches. But they will always give excuses and say that the fries has sort of "settled down". If enough was put in, will there be space to "settle down"?3) They like to keep waiting times long from 40mins to 1hr+ during peak lunch and dinner hours everyday (weekdays/weekends/PH).4) They like to scrimp on the sauce in the kitchen for burgers.5) They can let cooked food sit at the counter and take about 10mins to call out the numbers ready for collection during peak hours.6) Their kitchen personnel management is always in a messy panic rush during peak hours.Eaten hundreds of Mcdonald meals at many outlets in Singapore. This is THE only underperforming outlet in the whole of Singapore.
06:20 25 Mar 24
Annesha MondalAnnesha Mondal
05:47 28 Feb 24
It's a nice place to dine in with friends and family.
Tay SETay SE
23:41 25 Feb 24
05:25 23 Feb 24
Ivy LeongIvy Leong
05:00 17 Feb 24
Great indoor playground for the kids before or after meals.
08:08 14 Feb 24
We are very impressed by the level of service especially by Carole and the very tall Chinese staff whom we did not get his name. Nice personal touch from him. Serving of food is very fast. Keep up the good work. We enjoyed our dinner very much.
EF EcoArtEF EcoArt
18:51 13 Feb 24
Super saver $6 set worth it 😅🍟✌️
Shafiqah AzaharShafiqah Azahar
15:53 10 Feb 24
Mira Rasa Sari LeeMira Rasa Sari Lee
05:42 16 Jan 24
Mc. D Best customer service 😁👍👍👍👍👍
hazel lohhazel loh
13:48 13 Jan 24
its on the first floor to it shouldn't be a problem for wheelchairs, there is a children's playground inside the McDonald's its rlly kid friendly, u can plan birthday parties as well, nice food and great service. 😃👍
Johnny YouJohnny You
08:53 13 Jan 24
Gilbert TanGilbert Tan
12:00 01 Jan 24
04:27 01 Jan 24
12:36 25 Dec 23
chan you jinchan you jin
01:17 24 Dec 23
Priya ChuangPriya Chuang
12:54 23 Dec 23
Nana YapNana Yap
12:29 12 Dec 23
Ordered mcspicy burger with cheese, add extra cheese , when home open up there not a single piece of cheese inside.. usually check when I took my food but there always no problem just today no check walau problem come Liao.. really cannot be trust!! WHERE IS MY CHEESE !! I PAID EXTRA FOR MY CHEESE! WHERE IS MY CHEESE!!!!
Philip AngPhilip Ang
09:27 10 Dec 23
Limited seats. Room for more organise seats. Too much empty wastage space. Unfortunately honey soy mccrispy discon.
Al TanAl Tan
10:10 08 Dec 23
Koh Kee Sen M 许Koh Kee Sen M 许
14:44 03 Dec 23
13:10 03 Dec 23
Waited half hour for table service. Tables and floor were so dam dirty we had to clean the tables ourselves.
15:02 24 Nov 23
Great environment
MK HasbroMK Hasbro
17:52 21 Nov 23
Good table service
serhan bserhan b
03:00 08 Oct 23
Hi Nadia and team, It was wonderful experience my child had during their recent birthday party at your establishment. The event was nothing short of extraordinary, and I want to commend your team for their exceptional service.First and foremost, the prompt and efficient service in serving the food was truly commendable. It ensured that all the kids had a great time without any delays. The quality of the food was excellent, and everyone enjoyed the meal.What made the day even more special was the clean and inviting atmosphere at your venue. It provided a safe and hygienic environment for the kids to enjoy. The proximity of the playground added to the excitement, allowing the children to have even more fun.I must share that when I was a child, hosting a birthday party at McDonald’s was a dream beyond our means. Now, as a parent, I am thrilled to be able to provide my child with the opportunity to create cherished memories at McDonald’s. Your affordable and delightful party packages have made it possible for us to give our child the childhood experiences we always wished for.McDonald’s holds a special place in our hearts, and your commitment to creating a memorable birthday celebration for our child has deepened our appreciation for your brand. Thank you for helping us make our child’s day truly special and for enabling us to create lasting memories of joy and laughter.With warm regards and immense gratitude, father of child on 7/10 (330pm slot)
VB Praline NoisetteVB Praline Noisette
01:15 08 Oct 23
Kudos to Nadiah and Team!I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for the exceptional service you provided during my child’s recent birthday party at McDonald’s Canberra Plaza. From start to finish, your dedication and professionalism made the event a resounding success.Right from the initial booking process, you were incredibly prompt and accommodating, making the venue selection effortless. Your reputation for hosting fantastic kids’ parties certainly preceded you, and I’m delighted to say that you exceeded our high expectations.Throughout the event, your team demonstrated exceptional teamwork and efficiency. The food was served punctually to the children, and the quality was top-notch. The magician was a hit, thanks to your willingness to accommodate our specific requests made the day truly special.Moreover, the venue was impeccably clean upon our arrival, creating a welcoming and hygienic environment for our celebration.In sum, you and your team at McDonald’s Canberra Plaza went above and beyond to ensure that our child’s party was a memorable and joyful experience for everyone involved. Your commitment to excellence is truly commendable, and I can’t thank you enough for making our celebration an absolute delight.With heartfelt gratitude, V
annjay Limannjay Lim
07:32 05 Oct 23
Came here on a weekday afternoon at 230pm. Ordered for table service. Waited so long but the food wasn't served so the tray of food was sitting at their counter for God knows why. It wasn't even peak hour and all the orders on the screen was consistently less than 5 so not sure why all the staff were just hanging inside the kitchen acting busy??????Before that, another tray full of food (in the photo, two sets of burger meal) for table service was on the counter longer than mine lol the guy also went to the counter with an annoyed look and took the tray himself. No one apologized at all too.Really, food and atmosphere here is alright but the service really v bad at times. Peak hour is the worst. At least 45mins wait.
07:12 04 Oct 23
Spanking Canberra Plaza McDonald was rightly opposite Canberra MRT Station. Its huge food establishment area can cater any birthday function also. Its environment is so lively & refreshing. There ample seat to choose from. Inside there will be greeted & serve by caring McD staff. What a way to lay back with Latte Himalayan tea with Biscoff ? biscuit.
jimmy leejimmy lee
13:04 24 Jun 22
One of the largest McDonald's outlet in the Northern part of Singapore. It has a new, nice and cosy ambience. The seats are much more comfortable than most of the other outlets. As the McCafe is also inside, it is nice to have a cup of coffee and chit-chat with friends in such a pleasant environment. They also have a little playground here for the little kids to have fun in air-conditioned comfort.

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