McDonald's Sengkang Outlet Locations

McDonald’s, the world’s most famous fast-food chain, has five outlets in Sengkang, Singapore. These outlets are conveniently located near shopping malls, residential areas, and transportation hubs, making them easily accessible for residents and visitors.

All McDonald outlets in Sengkang offer various menu items, including burgers, fries, drinks, desserts, and breakfast items. Some outlets also offer McCafe coffee. McDonald outlets in Sengkang are popular destinations for families, friends, and individuals looking for a quick and affordable meal or a relaxing place to enjoy coffee or a milkshake.

McDonald’s Sengkang Outlet Menu

Some of the items on the McDonalds Sengkang menu are as follows :

McDonald' Sengkang Outlet Locations

McDonalds Sengkang Outlet Locations

McDonalds Sengkang's Rivervale Mall Outlet Location

McDonald’s Rivervale Mall 

11 Rivervale Cres, #01-27 Rivervale Mall, Singapore 545082.

McDo Sengkang Square Outlet Location

McDo Sengkang Square 

1 Sengkang Square, #B1 – 12 / 13, Singapore 545078. 

McDonald's Sengkang's Grand Mall Location

McDo Sengkang Grand Mall 

70 Compassvale Bow, #01-34/35/36 Sengkang Grand Mall, Singapore 544692.

McDonalds Sengkang's Reivervale Plaza Outlet Location

McDonald Sengkang Rivervale Plaza

118 Rivervale Dr, #01-32 Rivervale Plaza, Singapore 540118. 

McDo Sengkang Sports Complex Outlet

McDonald’s Sengkang Sports Complex

57 Anchorvale Rd, #02-03, Singapore 544964. 

McDonald Sengkang Reviews

David Tjandra (David)David Tjandra (David)
12:35 17 May 24
01:54 13 May 24
Still one my favourite macs around. Quaint and quiet sort of
Amelia LimAmelia Lim
05:48 05 May 24
Management of Rivervale Mall's McDonald's please review the overall service at your outlet. The wait time is freaking long. Waited 20 mins just for a set meal. Please serve your walk in customers too. Customers cant even check if the food quantity given is correct or not. Poor service and attitude.
Yuin Choi LamYuin Choi Lam
03:35 05 May 24
Gregory LeongGregory Leong
04:09 01 May 24
Outlet: Rivervale MallDate: 1/5/2024Order ID 2506Ordered 10.27am, got order at 11:49amRepeated checking with the aunty serving fell on deaf ears as she snidely responded to us to wait without bothering to check backend. Several customers around me were in the same boat, most lost their patience and cancelled after the 1hr mark. In the end, my order had to be reprinted for it to be fulfilled, after nearly one and a half hours.Understand that inevitable backlog on a PH, but this is not the 1st year this outlet has been operating. This could have been foreseen and better mitigative actions could have been taken
Renu TripathiRenu Tripathi
06:22 27 Feb 24
Kew “Mitsuwa” PieKew “Mitsuwa” Pie
21:18 21 Feb 24
No saving grace! No Star !!!Came for collection in the wee hours order by app still order not ready. The manager handed item to me in a sleepy unwashed face !!!!My fair share of disappointment with this outlet, morning unwashed faces! manpower issue n quality of items, wrong or left out items. Feedback channel snail slow they HQ wouldn’t bother they will push right back to the manager of this outlet. Slow weeks to respond by then you are almost up n against their nonchalant approaches, make sure you asked for your sauces check your orders correctly before leaving. Saved your graces 🙈 2 stars remains.
Jordan Sim ChongMengJordan Sim ChongMeng
15:05 16 Feb 24
10:20 16 Feb 24
Soh Yi ChenSoh Yi Chen
08:31 11 Feb 24
01:30 25 Jan 24
Counter staffs are very polite and helpful me in ordering my food bring it to my table.
00:42 23 Jan 24
08:56 15 Jan 24
Ganesh MalkarGanesh Malkar
22:53 12 Jan 24
Arati Menon-TanArati Menon-Tan
13:10 11 Jan 24
Family friendly. Staff are kind and patient with kids.New Pokemon cards in Nov 2023!
Jasman HashimJasman Hashim
14:36 23 Dec 23
F..... slow service...
Jason ChanJason Chan
06:07 23 Dec 23
Great experience here, the service is exemplary. Staff Zalinah has been very welcoming and friendly.
Shiro TigerShiro Tiger
07:24 19 Dec 23
Nothing to say about macd that hasnt been said
Zatil imanZatil iman
01:50 17 Dec 23
The staffs must have issues reading and packing orders. Must have at least messed up delivery orders MORE THAN 6 times
01:10 17 Dec 23
service is slow although there were not many customers. give out attitude towards customers.
11:13 07 Dec 23
Took almost 1 hour for a takeout order. Great management
Goh Sin ErGoh Sin Er
16:51 01 Dec 23
Sze Wei TiongSze Wei Tiong
10:39 27 Nov 23
No need to type too much. Customer service at its worst!
Blitz BrosBlitz Bros
00:50 26 Nov 23
Was nice! Had not really nice service but the aunty assured we had everything. Finding a seat is nearly Impossible. The food tasted like a avrage mcdonalds
S V Rama RaoS V Rama Rao
13:22 25 Nov 23
zhengfeng woozhengfeng woo
13:45 02 Oct 23
I'm very disappointed for the service today!!!! if you want to do the promotion, please make sure you put enough man power to handle it. Not just ask your customer to wait 1-2 hour and come back. I place the order on 6.30pm today, and went to collect it around 7pm, they said they have 60+ order and ask me to come back 1-2 hours later. And the most most most most worse case is i go back around 9pm to collect it, and they told me didn't received my order!!!!!!!!! So what kind of FAST food is this??? FAST FOOD become SLOW FOOD!!!!
13:22 02 Oct 23
food is good but the service is very badly organised, especially during peak hours. your order will get overlooked most of the time and its always one poor auntie trying to pack everyones order at the front collection counter. definitely a 10-30 min wait during peak hour, if you ordered take away it will definitely be on the higher end. my worst experience was today , having to wait 25 minutes for a grilled chicken salad ? would only recommend going during non peak hours as they are way faster then , or if you have time to spare
Sabrina OngSabrina Ong
01:31 19 Aug 23
Do not come here for breakfast as there is no air conditioning at all. The air is stale and it feels so stuffy in this small area. The light is not working well too. After checking with the staff, they mentioned that the air conditioning is via the centralised air conditioning of the mall. It only turns on at 10.30am. But I also noticed that there is an aircon unit in the shop? Very uncomfortable to eat here.
Satheesh MohanSatheesh Mohan
01:23 10 Jul 23
The burger was like reheated or overcooked. The burger patty was very hard and felt like rubber. I ordered chicken wings 4pcs but I received chicken nuggets 4pcs. I should have checked the takeaway bag before leaving. I realised this only later. And the nuggets was horrible. The outer layer was so thick and peeling off. I have never had such a bad experience in Mc Donald's before.
Shu YiShu Yi
12:50 29 May 23
be VERY VERY careful when you eat from this place. i ordered a jasmine green tea medium, and after drinking it halfway i realise the cap & the cup had brown stains on it. what the hell?? and the counter is such a mess that they forgot my curry sauce
ester simanjuntakester simanjuntak
08:14 18 May 24
Shafie SamsudinShafie Samsudin
15:23 14 May 24
Richard TanRichard Tan
10:13 13 May 24
Mou RiceMou Rice
20:38 09 May 24
Cho Wan TingCho Wan Ting
05:48 07 May 24
Kenneth SoongKenneth Soong
23:23 28 Feb 24
Situated in Rivervale Plaza, less crowded than the one in Rivervale Grand
16:41 24 Feb 24
Meera DiMeera Di
10:14 24 Feb 24
Super fast service
11:28 23 Feb 24
03:42 21 Feb 24
12:13 25 Jan 24
Forgot my fries during an order
Eric LimEric Lim
06:25 25 Jan 24
Milind GhorpadeMilind Ghorpade
12:28 24 Jan 24
Good access to this place .
Arati Menon-TanArati Menon-Tan
02:07 23 Jan 24
Friendly staff. Efficient service. Food quality has been consistent. Love the extra mile the staff give the customers
Hui Min TeoHui Min Teo
13:22 20 Jan 24
Kenneth SoongKenneth Soong
18:07 21 Dec 23
Haizam AkmalHaizam Akmal
13:00 21 Dec 23
miko llmiko ll
12:30 20 Dec 23
Very big indoor and outdoor nice
C D.C D.
06:26 18 Dec 23
1 of the few places open late at night for supper/ late dinner in the area. Even at 11pm, the store was buzzing and quite full. Uncles watching football and young ppl hanging out.Staff prepared my order quickly and accurately, kudos to them
02:59 17 Dec 23
24 hour delivery loving it
Sumesh NandaSumesh Nanda
17:01 04 Dec 23
Juandi AminJuandi Amin
13:52 03 Dec 23
Neighbourhood mcdonald. Average ambience and exp.
say woonsay woon
07:35 03 Dec 23
The food here is very nice!
Tan Wei ChuangTan Wei Chuang
04:49 02 Dec 23
24hrs McDonald's with EPL screenings.Popular with the residents here.My go to place for food when I have late night cravings.
Anwar AzmanAnwar Azman
09:39 01 Dec 23
Karlsson BergströmKarlsson Bergström
16:52 15 Oct 23
Not the food i ordered. And the McCrispy was supposed to be spicy.
Rachel LimRachel Lim
15:41 26 Sep 23
went to takeaway dinner at around 9.30pm today and ordered 2 meals. both was supposed to come with shaker fries. the wait was about 7 mins so it’s fine.however, to my dismay, i went home and discovered the lack of the seaweed shaker. even the paper bag wasn’t there. the staff (i presume the manager, was in a different uniform compared to the other regular staffs) told me that everything of my order is already in the bag. but she also missed out on my 2 vanilla cones and i had to request it from the other staff :/i frequent this outlet often as it’s the closer one to me but this visit was kind of disappointing.
Roy TeoRoy Teo
23:16 20 Sep 23
Always a good place for late night supper afterword. No crowds snd super cold aircin to relax and eat and watch soccer on TV. As I can easily park my ebike outside.
Darren ChoyDarren Choy
16:04 30 Jun 23
Mouldy fry.. Come on.. Quality control.Didn't complain because staff so busy, hope for no stomach ache lol.
William LuWilliam Lu
07:09 24 Sep 22
Was passing my plaza in the morning and didn't plan to take any breakfast but saw mcd has opened early in the morning. There are 4 kiosk for ordering here. Went to order, took the table service tag, and sat down. It took about 10 minutes for the order to be ready. It felt a bit long for McDonald's, usually it was faster than that especially not many customers yet in the morning.Coffee and tea are free flow in the morning, it is self-service at the condiment counter.Got TV playing premier league soccer match at the time I visited

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