McDonalds Hougang

Welcome to the hub of McDonald’s delights in Hougang, where six convenient outlets await to satisfy your cravings. Each of these outlets offers a unique experience, complete with a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. This guide will navigate the heart of Hougang, providing these McDonald outlets with precise locations, addresses, and tempting menus. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Big Mac or eager to explore the latest McDonald Singapore menu, this comprehensive overview ensures you won’t miss out on the delicious options available at each outlet. So, let’s jump on a journey through the flavors of McDonald’s in Hougang, where tasty moments are just around the corner.

McDonalds Hougang Menu
McDonald's Hougang 8

McDonald’s Hougang 8

684 Hougang Ave 8, #01-999, Singapore 530684

McDonald's Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall McDonalds

90 Hougang Ave 10, #01-16/17 Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766

McDonald's Hougang

McDo Hougang

Blk 208 Hougang St 21, #01-217, Singapore 530208

McDonald's Hougang Street 91

McDo Hougang Street 91

1 Hougang Street 91, #01-26/39 Hougang 1, Singapore 538692

McDonald's Buangkok Square

McDonald’s Buangkok Square

Blk 991 Buangkok Link, #01-14, Singapore 530991

McDonald's Shell Hougang

McDonald Shell Hougang

600 Hougang Ave 3, #01-01, Singapore 538846

Toh jin caiToh jin cai
08:50 29 May 24
Kyp TehKyp Teh
04:35 27 May 24
Raymond TeoRaymond Teo
14:18 25 May 24
Cynthia FooCynthia Foo
13:30 25 May 24
Comfy and clean place
Yasser. OsmanYasser. Osman
08:58 21 May 24
Decent place to dine in as near to my hse. However weekend service is quite slow and delivery always missed out items.
Norherwani AdnanNorherwani Adnan
11:40 10 Mar 24
Samantha YapSamantha Yap
13:48 09 Mar 24
1st time visiting the mac at buangkok mrt. The ordered was redirected to the cashier when I wanted to make payment.2 young staff weren't sure how to collect payment... there was only 1 screen near the collection point to show our order, so i have to constantly walk over to check if my food was ready.No one behind the counter bother to response if u asked them questions.1st time i drank ice milo that was so diluted.. it was like drinking plain water with just enough colouring to look like milo🤮...The fries and burger were just slightly warm when served. It was like the food were being made for half an hour b4 serving.I never had such bad experience eating at Macdonald.
Sylvia GohSylvia Goh
06:30 04 Mar 24
Jeremy TanJeremy Tan
04:14 03 Mar 24
Waited half an hour for a burger
Pocket DreamerPocket Dreamer
05:20 26 Feb 24
I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and frustration with the recent experience I had at your Buangkok Square outlet. On 26 Feb 2024, I attempted to purchase the limited edition Hello Kitty plush toy, which was advertised as a purchase with purchase offer.However, upon placing my order through the self-ordering kiosk, I was not informed that a coupon needed to be claimed beforehand. This lack of clarity resulted in me paying for the plush toy without realizing the additional requirement.When I approached the manager to resolve the issue, I was met with slow and unsatisfactory service. Despite my explanation of the situation, I was told that the plush toy could not be provided because I had not obtained the coupon earlier in the day. This requirement was never communicated to customers, and it is unacceptable that I was denied the item I had rightfully purchased.Furthermore, I find it appalling that the self-ordering kiosk did not specify the need for a coupon, leading to misinformation and confusion among customers. Even if the coupons were fully redeemed, it is the responsibility of McDonald’s to promptly update the system to reflect this and prevent further purchases.In light of this mishap, the experience has left me thoroughly dissatisfied with their service. How is it my fault ? No staff was present at the kiosk to inform us, nor is there a sign for us to read..The takeaway food was horrible too.. my curly fries was mixed with regular fries, whats the point of me adding $1 for curly fries then ? The manager and staff's attitude were bad .. and the manager was yelling at the staff like hello the customers dun have to listen to your yelling ok, JUST get our orders prepared and MOVE ON.HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.
Ming Zhe ChuaMing Zhe Chua
09:28 27 Jan 24
Just another macdonald branch
Terence TanTerence Tan
10:16 21 Jan 24
Just buy a 9 pcs nuggets and 1 pkt of big fries home for my children….the fries are so cold….seem like fries for very long already… not crispy at all….
Gerald LimGerald Lim
17:27 09 Jan 24
The crews are mostly rude, and they looked like they are unwilling to serve their customers, especially the lunch and dinner time. There is one crew who always works in the morning, who is an aunty but i dun rmb her name, she is very friendly to her customers. 🙂 Another crew is Sinta, she is very friendly to her customers even when shes working under pressure. The other crew is called Bee Bee (if i rmb correctly), she is also very polite to her customers. I hope the rest of the team are like the 3 crews that i have just mentioned.Another point, I noticed the managers are relatively rude to their customers too. The waiting time for the order is even more ridiculous, I have waited for up to 45 mins once. Idk if they are short of manpower or what, but they didnt apologise to their customers for the long waiting time. eh hello, you are in the f&b sector ya, at least learn to show basic respect to your customers even if you're down manpower or whatsoever, apologise to them for the delay lah. Your customers DO NOT OWE YOU anything, we do spend money here ya, and it is like over $10 per order.Lastly, the food standard is not the great either. That is why i seldom patronize the restaurant (unless bobian).. like you make your customers to wait so long, show your customers attitude, and then the food like cmi.. Sometimes, the staff forgot to pack my ice cream order, or forgot to give my chili sauce sachet when i takeaway.
03:59 29 Dec 23
henry yonghenry yong
13:18 22 Dec 23
Khi KokKengKhi KokKeng
06:31 18 Dec 23
08:55 16 Dec 23
Mr JMr J
13:55 15 Dec 23
Joel QuekJoel Quek
13:39 02 Aug 23
I’m quite conflicted when writing this review. The staff are genuinely very friendly and hardworking. But the food is often delayed or orders are missed. They will show my ticket number in the “Now Serving” section, and a moment later the number will disappear and I’ve not gotten my food. This has happened many times but I usually just ignore. But today it happened again, and this time my food was just sitting behind the counter and none of the staff did anything until I asked if that was my food. When they saw the contents in the paper bag they realised that it was just sitting there and no one did anything. But as mentioned, the staff are very friendly, I just hope they will be more attentive. Thank you.
Tony NgTony Ng
07:55 11 Jul 23
One thing good about McDonald's is fast. Order a few times thru their app for pickup. Less than 5mins, the food are ready for collection.Their food maintain the same standard as other outlets. Good for fast bites or when rushing.
Jasper LeeJasper Lee
12:04 01 Jul 23
I recently visited this McDonald's outlet that left me quite disappointed. The experience was marred by slow service and an excessively long waiting time. It seemed like the staff were understaffed and unable to handle the influx of customers efficiently. What bothered me even more was the fact that this particular outlet didn't seem to follow the standards set by other McDonald's locations. As a breakfast customer, I expected the option of a hot coffee refill, but to my surprise, it was nowhere in sight. This lack of consistency was disappointing.Moreover, the restaurant had a very unpleasant smell inside. It was hard to ignore the unpleasant odor, which made the entire dining experience quite unappealing. Overall, the subpar service, long waiting time, failure to meet standard offerings, and the unpleasant smell inside the restaurant left me with a negative impression. I hope the management takes note of these issues and addresses them promptly to provide a better dining experience for their customers.
10:17 03 May 23
Horrible. One of the worse outlets i have encountered. Always getting my orders wrong etc… i can make a list of how they continuously and persistently screw up my orders.1. Missing items. Ordered 3 meals, 3 LARGE FRIES MISSING. What!???2. 20 piece nuggets, counted 18. And yes, i counted on the spot at the counter.3. When you op for delivery, your fries will always be 70%-80% full.4. Ordered double mcspicy, came only 1. Maybe the other chicken crossed the road.In summary, DOUBLE CHECK & TRIPLE CHECK YOUR ORDERS!!!See the photo for the pathetic amount of fries they serve…
Will GWill G
15:26 06 Apr 23
Once again, I got scammed by this Mcdonalds outlet.I usually refrain from leaving such reviews, but at this point, i would say 20% of my total orders have been messed up.This time, I ordered a set of Paprika Mcrispy, which is a limited item, but received the normal version instead.I have made a couple of complaints through various online mediums in regards to my previous orders with missing items, but I have not ever received any form of reimbursement. At best, they contacted me to respond with lip service.The first time I bought from this outlet was over a year ago, so there can't possibly be any excuse for messing up orders so frequently, and for extended periods.This is simply unbelievable ?
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Helen ChanHelen Chan
11:19 30 May 24
Order grilled chicken salad at Hougang One McDonald's (order nos 2746) pay $6.75 and get a garden salad with missing chicken.
11:57 29 May 24
super slow service, staff disorganised as heck
Marcus OngMarcus Ong
12:53 26 May 24
long waiting time!!! Worst branch ever
Joyce LimJoyce Lim
15:56 22 May 24
Brought my 7yo kid there for birthday lunch, managed to get seats, food was served relatively quickly and tasted great, staff saw that it was my kid's birthday and gave us complimentary ice cream, which was a nice gesture!
Ming Zhe ChuaMing Zhe Chua
11:52 19 May 24
Place where u get you macdonal and with clean place and friendly staffs
Lim TzepohLim Tzepoh
06:56 11 Mar 24
Smrutirekha PrustySmrutirekha Prusty
11:34 10 Mar 24
Akshayan KatpakarupanAkshayan Katpakarupan
05:36 08 Mar 24
On Friday the the manager is so bad and keeps kicking me and my friends playing games and eating
Jamaliah MarhabanJamaliah Marhaban
03:57 28 Feb 24
Mother662 LimMother662 Lim
07:05 25 Feb 24
Dining tables and floor not cleaned. Smelly at the kisok area.
02:21 07 Feb 24
Geok Eng TohGeok Eng Toh
13:53 06 Feb 24
Cosy and not crowded
Saran TeaSaran Tea
17:16 03 Feb 24
It's quite crowded and orders take some time to be delivered during breakfast and dinner hours... It's not the restaurant's fault honestly, but it's just a minor inconvenience since food takes longer than usual to be served as compared to lunch hours.Also, the dessert kiosk sometimes doesn't do a good job giving ice cream to its customers since the last time I went there, a chococone was done very sloppily and the ice cream was like leaning towards one side - it nearly fell off the cone and I was so scared for my life and the precious ice cream I paid for😭This is a place where you can expect to always be packed with people - it's a robust environment for those who like a lively environment to grab their meals!
Vernice TayVernice Tay
03:18 03 Feb 24
my friend and i came to mcdonald’s for brunch , we ordered at around 10.50am and waited for 45 minutes for our order to arrive , the staff service is poor and they were really rude .
Jay El LewJay El Lew
02:26 03 Feb 24
Staff deserve praise for delivering great service despite being overworked, witnessed a staff helping out a dad with a daughter who vomitted, giving serviettes and a drink and following up after to check up on her. Previously I got offered a cup of water when another staff noticed I had no drink
Sofie GriffinSofie Griffin
14:24 03 Jan 24
Messed up my order, not once but twice.When i asked for a plastic bag, the staff threw it at me. The place was quite packed and they were busy, i understand. But there was no need to throw it at me.They also had me wait 2h for a simple breakfast meal, they kept asking me to wait longer everytime i asked if my food was ready ( i only asked twice ) and the fact that they werent even packed that day.Staff always looks pissed for no reasonNever coming to this place again, and neither should you.
Cress TanCress Tan
01:20 03 Jan 24
Mcdonald has always maintained a tip top service at all time. Place is also always kept clean and tidy at all times. Mcdonald is a place I always go once I run out of place or food . Hence. I love Mcdonald always esp their chicken nuggets and French fries. You can never ever find a place having french fries as good as Mcdonald. Keep it up Mcdonath my savior!!
Jas ArabiaJas Arabia
09:33 31 Dec 23
They take an hour to deliver a supposed 20 min delivery 😑 will not order in this store anymore so disappointing
Sadeesh KathavarayanSadeesh Kathavarayan
15:40 26 Dec 23
Friendly staffs
Blue PrintsBlue Prints
12:55 16 Dec 23
Good service!!
unicorn twins hounicorn twins ho
11:19 01 Dec 23
We have been waiting for over 30 mins and they have not even prepared the food. When asked when the food will arrive, was ignored and not spoken to. Hope the service will improve.
05:27 19 Nov 23
food is Great even though during peak hour usually no chance to eat. But today, we went here cause my sister lost her wallet 4 days prior. And somehow, they still had her wallet and passed it back to us. Everything inside the wallet was still the exact same, money, bus pass, all that. Service is 10/10!
Hui ChinHui Chin
15:43 29 Sep 23
Waited for more than 1h for the food to be ready they even got my drinks wrong and it’s not even peak hour. Hope that mac can hire more staffs especially during times where they know theres a growth in the orders as I saw in the kitchen probably they only have around 2 people helping to cook and another 2 to serve. Also its staff is quite disorganised with all the orders piling up and none getting delivered to the customers.
01:05 19 Sep 23
Cheated consumer around a month ago of onions excluded and rock hard patty breaded with less than acceptable amounts of meat as advertised.No remorse and interest to apologise and refund till date. Customer care through emails and management at this outlet, please take note. Not just a small sum you deceived and refused to acknowledge.
chee fishiechee fishie
05:05 29 Jun 23
Long waiting time and crowd is formed in front of collection. Kitchen unable to catch up with the self ordering kiosk.

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