McDonald's Tampines Outlets

Live in Tampines and love McDonald? You’re lucky! There are McDonalds restaurants all around, so you’re never far from delicious McDonald menu.

McDonald’s Menu at Tampines Outlet

McDo Tampines Outlet Menu

McDonalds Tampines Outlets

McDonald's Out Tampines Hub Outlet

Tampines Hub McDonalds

 1 Tampines Walk, #01-13/14 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523.

McDo Tampines Green View Outllet

McDo Tampines Green View

Blk 614 Tampines North Dr. 1, #01-09, Singapore 520614.

Mcdonald Tampnies Mall Outlet

McDonalds Tampines Mall

 4 Tampines Central 5, #01 – 33 Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510.

McDonalds Tampines West CC Outlet

McDonald’s Tampines West CC

5 Tampines Ave 3, #01-01 Tampines West Community Club, Singapore 529705.

Mcdonald's Tmpines Outlet Singapore

McDo Tampines

Blk 513 Tampines Central 1, #01-150, Singapore 520513.

McDonalds Tampines Reviews

McDonald's Tampines
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Faisal Abdul AzizFaisal Abdul Aziz
00:49 22 Mar 24
Kyp TehKyp Teh
08:30 19 Mar 24
Didn't get their names but 2 staffs there have the best service, serves meal fast, wipe tables clean after a customer left. Probably the best service i see.
Sujish AlexanderSujish Alexander
15:11 16 Mar 24
Melvin LeeMelvin Lee
16:27 10 Mar 24
standard McDonald's outlet
Lee Wei LiangLee Wei Liang
15:10 18 Feb 24
12:55 02 Feb 24
The aunties working the night shift are very helpful and kind. Keep it up!
jeffrey lengjeffrey leng
10:27 26 Jan 24
They really need help. Don’t know how to manage. So many orders. Manager is totally clueless. Need to change management.
Cheng ZeCheng Ze
10:27 24 Jan 24
The McDonald's at Tampines consistently delivers excellent service with a friendly and efficient staff. The restaurant maintains a clean and welcoming environment, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. The menu is diverse, and orders are consistently prepared with accuracy and speed. Overall, a reliable choice for a quick and satisfying meal in Tampines.
12:12 18 Jan 24
02:22 14 Jan 24
Consistent quality across all mcdonalds outlets. The new honey soy chicken not very nice. Not much taste. Fries and spicy nuggets taste the same as every other outlet.PLEASE BRING BACK SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE!!!Mar 2024: Paprika chicken niceee
Mohd IsmailMohd Ismail
17:08 11 Dec 23
Was at macdonalds at 1am , lady serving me snatched the table service out of my hands with a grumpy face as if she was unhappy to serve me . Not asking her to smile at me but doesn’t require her to snatch and frown at me
Shaheen 0008Shaheen 0008
10:24 10 Dec 23
Hui Xin KeukHui Xin Keuk
06:00 24 Nov 23
Amin RamliAmin Ramli
05:26 24 Nov 23
Love dipping the hot fries in curry sauce or chili sauce.Nice but unhealthy food.
Everything was good ?
Serene KohSerene Koh
05:10 12 Sep 23
Ordered a set meal over here, was served without napkin so I went over to counter to help myself and saw the aunty mumbling something about me helping myself with the napkin as I sat down. The chairs here were also stain with water and lettuce, cleaning schedule should be more frequent. Food quality is standard just that some featured items were unavailable. And why are there birds and people coming into the shop to sell me stuffs? McDonald’s mobile apps feature and deals is awesome thou! Save hassle to walk over to order.
Elsie LimElsie Lim
21:39 01 Jul 23
Came for breakfast but the food wasn't served hot ?, my double filet buns were a bit cold and the fish filets were hard. Bagel was chewy. The previous time i visited i ordered hotcakes but its not hot at all. I wish they could cook upon order so we can enjoy hot food while dining in.
No nicknameNo nickname
08:49 16 May 23
Tasked with having to take photos of the burger before eating it, we wondered how to deal with the amount of sauce that seemed to drip endlessly (true story: random drops would make their way to the table even after an hour of handling it).A quick search showed that wrapping the burger in a "diaper" would save you a lot of grief.Proper inspection of the burger only commenced when we didn't have to worry about the sauce getting everywhere.The burger was clearly on the bigger side, somewhere between the regular and Double McSpicy, but the chicken thigh we had was definitely thicker than any McSpicy patty we've ever seen.
Hartono HarjonoHartono Harjono
02:14 11 Feb 23
Big spacious mcDonnald with alot of seat. There are outdoor and indoor seat with aircon. Service was excellent. The staffs were super friendly. Fast service. The food was great. Only some patrpn talk too loud but we can't do anything about that. Highchair for children is available. Recommended!
Muthukumar ArumugamMuthukumar Arumugam
05:49 13 Dec 22
Nice & quickly reachable place to have breakfast. Kids love it when it is McD.This place is vast and wide enough to manage larger crowd that it gets in. The waitresses was kind enough to bring the toys to give what kids like it. It is one hut to have our favourite breakfast.
15:24 24 Mar 24
Sulaiman KamalSulaiman Kamal
11:47 22 Mar 24
By far one of the worse outlet when it comes to delivery. Missing 1/3 meals that i ordered. Secondly, made advance booking and ended up didnt receive my food at all. Not recommended.
Oren XoomOren Xoom
08:54 21 Mar 24
Good find 👏 👌
Valarie ongValarie ong
02:43 14 Mar 24
Be prepared for your McDelievery order to be screwed up from this outlet. 1st time it happened my Buttermilk Chicken came in the correct packaging but inside was Angus Beef. 2nd time my latter with no sugar came with tons of syrup. 3rd time my milo was super spilled. Today my order didn't even arrive even though the app stated it was delivered 20mins ago. Called the outlet to enquire but the person asked the necessary qns then left the phone hanging with no follow ups. I just hear the bustlings in the restaurant for 6mins. Called their general hotline and they said will call the restaurant to re-deliver but I called back again after 10mins, they haven't been able to contact the restaurant. Ridiculous. Ordered at about 8.30am but the whole thing was resolved only at 10.10am with me requesting for a refund because it was just taking too long and there was no food being sent to me. Only order from here if you are really desperate. Also highly recommend that you order via the McD app instead of grab/foodpanda so that you can resolve any matter if the delivery is wrong.
Darrell SongDarrell Song
01:59 14 Mar 24
Worst experience at the store. Left me hanging on the phone while stating they submit my order. Seriously poor service
Lionel WongLionel Wong
07:40 19 Feb 24
Busy on weekends. Good for a takeaway if you don't wanna squeeze.
Bobby TayBobby Tay
08:51 18 Feb 24
01:39 18 Feb 24
Eating breakfast or lunch almost every weekend here! Friendly and approachable staff serving their customers even though it can be very busy during peak period. I can see the staffs are doing their very best to serve customers and make them happy to enjoy the meal. Nice background music too!
16:05 17 Feb 24
Oily table and chairs. How come no one cleaning the tables and chairs when its non peak hours 😱
Ken AngKen Ang
07:51 13 Feb 24
It's a MCD. Typical.
Joshua GohJoshua Goh
09:56 01 Jan 24
Shrinkflation? Is pay more get less the trend now? Ridiculous, will boycott this branch
li lingli ling
11:28 30 Dec 23
Seriously just dont even bother with this outlet and have your mac somewhere else in tampines. Messy back end operations, which is obviously shown by the horrendously slow service. All the food was just half waiting on the serving counter, missing a little bit of items/drinks from each order which caused a terrible backlog of orders. When you finally get your food, fries were cold, burger just barely above room temperature. They either need to rethink about how they assign their roles and stations or have more staff on duty. Oh, staff was also half giving attitude when everyone started asking where is their order (apparently not just me who thought their waiting time was abnormally long for a fast food restaurant )
Guru Prakash RGuru Prakash R
10:12 30 Dec 23
Loy li seanLoy li sean
01:27 24 Dec 23
I order 2x breakfast deluxeWaited 30minsMy order number disappeared from screenWhen i approached to checkThe service crew assembled my ordetWhen i came backTo open up...2harsh brown is missing!!!1 sauage patty is missing!!!What kinda of standard is tis!!!!???Fast food?MacDonald...??U should rename to SLOW FOOD!!!30mins !!? Waiting for missing order!!
Yang JinYang Jin
04:09 21 Dec 23
Just order online using the McDonald's app & pick-up with zero waiting time
Melvin LeeMelvin Lee
14:23 10 Dec 23
Quiet location and ample seating in restaurant
Business SupportBusiness Support
11:47 07 Dec 23
The food i get was all reheat and served. Its not fresh at all. Even the drink is diluted. Never i encountered a bad fast food restaurant like Tampines north macdonald. And this thing ALWAYS happen. Nothing ever change even after complained.
Xxgoodkind XxteoxxXxgoodkind Xxteoxx
14:28 06 Dec 23
02:05 04 Dec 23
Very Friendly Staffs
J LinJ Lin
16:29 03 Dec 23
Ordered 11pm delivery they wait me out until outlet close and cancelled my order. Boo.
Alvin TanAlvin Tan
15:05 02 Nov 23
Friendly staff, went here rather frequently and often the fries were fresh made.Cosy to a bit small depending on peak hours.Cleanliness is okay, sometimes the tables may have minor stains.
Jon RaihanJon Raihan
11:02 02 Oct 23
I ordered a Samurai beef burger to go and waited 30 minutes for it, which I didn't mind. Finally, when I got home for dinner, my samurai beef burger comes without any sauce. When I called the outlet, no one answered. i hear its not the first time it happened. Do check your order if you order from greenview Mac. spend almost 15$ but food is disappointing.
Ayu SamsAyu Sams
13:59 30 Sep 23
- I’ve been to the outlet itself and it was messy. I understand if it’s busy but it wasn’t so I was unsure what happened on that day as I do see there’s more than 3 staff at the counter, infact were joking and laughing around.- TWICE I ordered through Grab and again, they’re missed my order. First was a 1 Big Mac and today, was 2 x 2pc Chicken MacCrispy. Called the outlet and yet, they can just tell me “Oh you just call Grab and they will handle”. Ya, I do know the process but where is your initiative to explain and apologise for what happened?? Have some common sense! Not everyone wants a refund but instead, they want the food that they’ve ordered and PAID!
Juwin Ho ERAJuwin Ho ERA
05:55 23 Jun 23
Chillax with a nice chocolate sundae and iced latte to ward of the summer heat.Free WiFi, Polite staff, Cool ambiance... Awesome to chill with family and friends.#VegetarianOptions#YummyForMyTummy
Goh DerekGoh Derek
13:58 18 Jun 23
Frequent this branchOrder frequently got mixed upOrdered Items not given in take awayBest of all, tdy, box of 9nuggets, given curry sauce as well but viola, box contained 4 mcwings, the traffic was not even heavy at 9pm on a Sunday, yet quality was badReally need to tighten this store’s QC up

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