If you live in the Toa Payoh area of Singapore, you’re lucky. There are actually five different McDo outlets to choose from, so you’re never too far away from a tasty burger.

The Toa Payoh outlet of McDonald has a wide variety of delicious burgers, fries, and drinks to offer. One of the most famous McDonald’s menu items is the Big Mac, which is a burger with two beef patties, lettuce, cheese, onions, and a special sauce.

McDonalds Toa Payoh Menu

McDoanld's Toa Payoh Outlet Menu

McDonald’s Toa Payoh Outlets

McDonald's Potang Pasi Outlet in Toa Payoh

McDo Potong Pasi 

Block 148 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-43, Singapore 350148. 

McDonald's Toa Payoh Safra Outlet

McDo Toa Payoh SAFRA

293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #01-02, SAFRA, Club. Singapore, Singapore 319387.

McDo Toa Payoh Central Outlet

McDonald’s Toa Payoh Central

600 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, #01-02, Singapore 319515. 

McDonalds Toa Payoh Reviews

McDonald's Potong Pasir
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09:10 19 May 24
Mark Angelo CheungMark Angelo Cheung
21:20 17 May 24
David LeeDavid Lee
09:26 15 May 24
Victor PhangVictor Phang
09:20 12 May 24
Kelvin TanKelvin Tan
11:25 10 May 24
The food service is poor quality, service is very bad and atmosphere sucks. Please improve.
10:12 24 Feb 24
Jennefer was very rude to an elderly couple and a foreign helper who clearly did not know how to use the machine to order and wanted assistance to order from the counter manually. McDonald's should really look into their staff and assist people to order if they do not know how to use the machine. Seriously this is out of line.
Chong IanChong Ian
13:53 17 Feb 24
Food is good, but service is bad as I am at the counter and they didn't notice me for at least 5 mins and attended to me after that without even acknowledging me for the wait, personally hate this outlet.
Grabe JudGrabe Jud
11:19 16 Feb 24
Well it's new, fast service, upbeat design. Plus this meal is super
10:43 11 Feb 24
The food is usual. Packaging for better than other outlets that I go to. However, there is limited seating during peak hours.It is convenient for those living on the surrounding area within walking distance.
Tor PHTor PH
16:25 23 Jan 24
Is a good place for morning breakfast as not many dine in during morning
boo jingminboo jingmin
10:16 23 Jan 24
ChunJin TanChunJin Tan
06:36 23 Jan 24
Yeong Song TamYeong Song Tam
12:25 20 Jan 24
Slowest “Fast food” ever witnessed. This McDonald’s outlet definitely have some systemic issue, you are guaranteed a 1hour wait during peak hours.Queue number starts to appear as “Now Preparing” and “Now Serving” probably 10mins after your order and then disappears. You are up on your own to look out whether your order is ready for the next 1 hour. If you try to check with the staff whether your order is ready or missed out, you get an unfriendly reply and dismissal.Advise for people who still want to get your meal from this outlet, can use mobile order and collect your meal 1 hour later.
Faisal MohamedFaisal Mohamed
14:13 13 Jan 24
Got more space
05:32 26 Dec 23
Ken LoyKen Loy
05:59 19 Dec 23
Think it's open till late. Luv this one coz it's quietly located in the (still quiet) neighborhood of Potong Pasir although I believe it won't be for long since new developments are sprouting all over the area. Good meeting place, good take-away as well but the service can certainly be improved!!!Was there one night and was served stale, lukewarm coffee.. Where's the pride? Some part of QSCV clearly missing..19 DecMuch improved.Renovated and cleaner.App is not easy to use but the Cashier was polite and helpful.
feng xiao fangfeng xiao fang
15:03 16 Dec 23
12:36 06 Dec 23
12:17 05 Dec 23
let's just say out of 10 times that I've ordered here, around 6 times my order is either messed up, wrong, or just not there. kios machine seems breakdown pretty frequently and also the amount of kids there on weekday afternoon makes it feel like a school always check ur order before leaving
09:07 05 Dec 23
One of the lesser crowd MacDonald... no counter now... U have to order from kiosk
Shaun TanShaun Tan
14:06 28 Nov 23
Ronald HeeRonald Hee
02:42 22 Nov 23
This is my favourite McDonald's. Apart from being conveniently located near a lot of shops and supermarkets I go to, the staff are friendly, the aunties take the time to ask how are you, how may I help you, have a nice day. Seen them have chats with little children.The best part is how bright and airy it is. If you're lucky you can score a table next to the full height windows and watch the world go by. Also has seats with USB charging points, which of course goes so well with the free WiFi.I have two regular meals. One is the buttemilk crispy chicken. A very good chicken sandwich, made better by the nice slice of pineapple that comes with it.The other is the big breakfast. Which I make into a four course meal! Or as a friend described it, gourmet breakfast. To the scrambled eggs I add butter and ketchup. The burger I add a slice of cheese from home, in addition to the jam. The syrup makes the coffee pretty good!
Marcus ColemanMarcus Coleman
03:21 11 Sep 23
Slow service that had me waiting close to an hour for two happy meals. Furthermore, the staff (Peggy) brushed me off rudely when I asked for refund. An angry crowd and waste sprawling out of their bins are proof of this outlet’s poor planning and service. Manager’s no where to be seen; probably busy in the kitchen than taking charge in the front. I suggest if they are unable to deliver, then apologise to the crowd, inform patrons of the delay/waiting time and offer a refund, not try and cope with the load when obviously they couldn’t.
Chun Wui TanChun Wui Tan
14:50 06 Aug 23
Always very packed during peak hours with long queues. Staff will be slow and a little frazzled during those peak slots. Outside of peak hours, however, nice spot with USB chargers and ample quiet corners/booth seats if you want some relative privacy when you dine at McDs
Li JunweiLi Junwei
02:15 11 Jan 23
Nice conducive environment in a small neighbourhood.Avoid lunch crowd between 1 to 2pm during school weekdays as you might need time to find a decent table.
Kevin SeahKevin Seah
11:49 25 Sep 22
Waiting time for mobile order looks to be more than an hour, with my order submitted at 6.27pm on Sunday (I'm posting this at 7.26pm). Seems like it's no fault of the staff, who are working non-stop at a rapid clip.Got my order at 7.41pm, and here are the half-filled fries. Again, the staff are running around as quickly as they can, very clearly, but either the kitchen isn't big enough or there isn't sufficient staff.
Kenneth LeeKenneth Lee
09:15 19 May 24
Nice not so crowded place for Macdonalds meal. Great if you don’t like to queue. Very near to open air carpark too so it’s great for driving, parking and picking take aways. The toilet smells though so 4 star for that.
07:40 02 May 24
Prompt service, came by to redeem my free hashbrown and thought to dine in since it’s empty and chill 👍🏻
Kye OuzzaKye Ouzza
02:43 29 Apr 24
Timing provided in Google is wrong. Was there earlier this morning and it was closed eventhough Google said it's 24hrs.edit: They have not been operating 24hrs since Jan 2024 so if you see any other reviews about 24hrs since after Jan 2024, these reviews are just lies.
Liansoh LiansohLiansoh Liansoh
23:13 27 Apr 24
Cheryl-Anne GohCheryl-Anne Goh
09:10 24 Apr 24
Not very impressed w the hygiene levels . Trash overflowing and it's not even end of day. Service is good though.
Sumo CSumo C
16:32 02 Mar 24
Always late delivery or no delivery at all. terrible service.
Jack JackJack Jack
13:06 02 Mar 24
Ordered through mcd app and my food was delayed for 2 hours. ordered at 1am,delivered at 3am. Best part,the manager in-charge that time didn't even bother to contact you for the delay. When I called,the manager claimed it was the grabfood rider fault for taking the food for his own to eat(stealing) and assured me that he would get another rider to deliver.When the delivery guy arrived,the food that was delivered already had been prepared at 1.30am as stated.So what he(manager) on about the grabfood rider stealing my food? Making up fake stories for hIs own staff incompetence? This the 2nd time by the way,the first wasn't as bad. It was like an hour delay.After this 2 experience,i decided not to order from mac at that hour anymore. Not being racist but the manager sounded malay.
15:23 23 Jan 24
French fries was Cold and like rubber. Fried Chicken were like cooked the day before.Staff refused to give Curry Sauce even though I ordered for more than $10, she told "only for combos and not for al-carte so chargeable". But other outlets do gave for free when I ordered at least more than $10. Logically if she can give it free for a least priced combo which $5, why she can't give only one for a $30 receipt, makes no sense.
Rashikin Ali D'almederRashikin Ali D'almeder
08:04 20 Jan 24
Syed AbuSyed Abu
03:54 19 Jan 24
04:55 07 Jan 24
04:43 07 Jan 24
Slow, unfriendly staff. Waited almost an hour for my food. When it finally came I got cold fries d and a melted Frappuccino and a cold burger as part of what I ordered. No balloon for my son because the staff were too overwhelmed. It was a terrible experience and the I tried the new sweet n sour burger which was horrible because it was cold by the time I got it as a takeaway in the restaurant already.
Dorothea NgDorothea Ng
13:24 24 Dec 23
McDonald's Breakfast never fails to start my day off with a smile :)-Favourite breakfast burger is the Sausags Egg Mcmuffin-Favourite morning drink is the Caramel Oreo Frappuchino-Hasbrowns are fried to perfection and is crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the insideI find breakfast to be more pricey compared to the lunch and dinner menu but to me, it is worth it 👍
S.M.S. KanagalS.M.S. Kanagal
15:38 21 Dec 23
Good place, in one of the oldest ares of Singapore.
Art LightArt Light
12:11 19 Dec 23
Went to get my food,the tables were quite dirty.When i ordered and got my receipt,I found out the machine made an error,so I went to tell the worker.But when the worker was canceling the order,I clearly heard her say walao.I MEAN,it is annoying,but can say in the heart a not🫠Plus,it wasn't my fault😓At least the food came fast.
Haifa JohanHaifa Johan
10:21 17 Dec 23
Sadly....used to be bigger than my hand..
Daniel GohDaniel Goh
14:50 15 Dec 23
Andrew CheeAndrew Chee
06:56 08 Dec 23
Nice offer
Risaki SanakoRisaki Sanako
11:57 05 Dec 23
The atmosphere there is not too noisy and quite comfortable to eat in. The staff are also nice. It's nice that they added the thing that allows u to order on it instead of ordering from the staff. It helps for people with social anxiety or people that take a long time to pick what they want.
22:55 02 Dec 23
sh Rsh R
12:21 15 Nov 23
jieli awjieli aw
04:03 12 Nov 23
07:38 03 Oct 23
Had a cup of Himalayan Tea Latte this afternoon and it was fantastic! Flavourful with just enough cinnamon and the right amount of milk and sweetness - to whoever made it : it was superb, thank you! But if I may - it would have been perfect with full cream milk 😉
Yong YiYong Yi
09:12 27 Sep 23
Morning staff at this outlet are friendlier even though sometimes I do get egg shells in my eggs.The staff from afternoon til night shift are more rude, less accommodating and unwilling to admit their mistakes when they make one whether they’re calling out wrong number tickets or when they fail to fulfill a special order accurately.Changing to steamed buns from sesame buns used to be a relatively common off-menu special request for years but this outlet has chosen to not do that anymore.
zaimi minizaimi mini
16:21 22 Sep 23
Service sucks so bad especially at night. Night shift staff seems to be not wanting to work. Constant missing items via delivery. First time cup corn. Yesterday night my samurai burger. When call the outlet took a long time to answer. After being able to contact the outlet, the manager is rude. Useless outlet..
14:15 16 Dec 22
Average McDonald's that's opened 24 hours a day, however service standards drop a lot after dinner time, as I see a lot of staff leaving. Understandable, just that the remaining staff work slowly.In any case, the food is average, while the outlet feels dated and a little more run down than usual. I'll advise going to the main McDonald's at the mrt if you're not looking got something at midnight.
14:32 14 Nov 21
this place is small and crowded but you can always get yourself a seatcustomer service is okay.i feel like the taste of Angus BLT is not the same compared to other branch, fries is a bit saggy too.Mango pie tasted like artificial mango candy (nothing to do with the branch)

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