McDonalds Choa Chu Kang

Choa Chu Kang, a vibrant and bustling district in northwestern Singapore, has six McDonald’s outlets, ensuring you’re never too far away from a delicious and satisfying meal. From classic burgers and McNuggets to refreshing McFlurries and McCafé coffee, these conveniently located restaurants offer a menu to tantalize every taste bud. So, grab your appetite and enjoy a delicious journey through McDonald’s Choa Chu Kang!

McDonalds Choa Chu Kang Menu
McDonald's Choa Chu Kang CC

McDo Choa Chu Kang CC

35 Teck Whye Ave, #01-01 Chua Chu Kang Community Club, Singapore 688892

McDonald's Choa Chu Kang Lot 1

McDo Choa Chu Kang Lot 1

10 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-21 MRT Station. Singpaore, Singapore 689810

McDonald's Choa Chu Kang 62

McDonald Choa Chu Kang 62

Blk 623 Choa Chu Kang Street 62, #01-262, Singapore 680623

McDonald's Chua Chu Kang Park (Drive-Thru)

McDo Chua Chu Kang Park (Drive-Thru)

26 Choa Chu Kang Dr, Singapore 689719

McDonald's Choa Chu Kang (CKN5)

McDonald’s Choa Chu Kang (CKN5)

Block 533 Choa Chu Kang Street 51, #01-10 Limbang Shopping Centre, Singapore 680533

McDonald's Keat Hong

McDonald Keat Hong

818 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, #01-02 Keat Hong Mirage, Singapore 680818

Patricia SengPatricia Seng
05:51 31 May 24
The renovated Limbang mac used to be the best in cck area, now it has contracted the Yew Tee Mac bug. Ordered take out for spicy mcnuggets n shaker fries. Discovered given regular fries n regular nuggets when we got home.
16:53 30 May 24
Ordered delivery from grab:Ordered Hershey’s, got normal SundaeOrdered Shaker Fries, no shaker condiments & bagOrdered Nuggets, no curry sauce given though it was selectedIf cannot manage, dont open for delivery.
04:52 27 Apr 24
Order from grab waited 1h and they cancelled my order, so i have to order food again and wait 1h more.If you cant handle the order turn it off and stop taking order.Waste my time.
Van AudreyVan Audrey
01:40 21 Apr 24
Terrible. Arrived at 8.30am but to only see a group of 5 that CAME after us getting their food first.We're just a group of 3 that ordered lesser than them for sure. Waited for more than 30 mins to absolute dismay. Had to takeaway last min because one of us were rushing off to somewhere else next. There goes our once a week breakfast family run wasted due to terrible management & workflow in the kitchen and front counter.To top it off & make it worst, the Milo tasted like PLAIN water. Even my 4Y told me this is not Milo and its just water.Its not even less sweet. Its just tasteless. Paid more for nothing.Please do better. If not just don't do at all. Thanks.
ryan lauryan lau
15:29 12 Mar 24
Love this branch! Food tastes fresh and the staff always greets you
Siva Pratha MSiva Pratha M
04:01 10 Mar 24
Service is fine but there have been issues since they reopened. Venue is comfortable too. I have had missing things in my order a few times but the staff are very nice and I was able to get them at a later time. However, I used to get Milo with every meal and ever since they reopened, the iced milo has been disgusting. It’s watery even when I get without ice. Like please do something about it. This outlet has the worst iced milo consistently, regardless of delivery, takeaway, or dine-in.
Maria TheaMaria Thea
00:49 27 Feb 24
Vernice xVernice x
19:29 08 Feb 24
Went to takeaway at about 11pm on 8 feb and the store manager was extremely friendly! Love her positive attitude and even gave me extra butter and curry sauce!
Mohammed MuhaiminMohammed Muhaimin
12:55 07 Feb 24
1st bad experience, my receipt clearly got ice cream sundae, but ice cream not sent. nvm maybe rider forget to take. but today, 2nd bad experience ordering delivery from this outlet. Usually if wrong order will fault delivery rider for not checking. But this case how to fault rider? Outlet give me single beef when i paid for double. scam my money again?Mcdonald's should work on their service, especially at night. Now in this case also, idk how you guys are gonna compensate.the mcdonald outlet nearby at Safra CCK has much better service. Never got my delivery orders wrong. just food for thought 😉
13:48 13 Jan 24
My experience at MacDonalds Limbang has always been a great one, but on this particular Saturday, this lovely lady by the name of Mardiana provided excellent customer service as she served the food that I ordered with a bright smile on her face, despite me forgetting to collect my food as I was busy and distracted with my school work. (P.s I was studying and just ordered a sweet and sour burger meal with a friend) she even asked me if everything was okay from time to time and I really appreciate her doing so. I would obviously come back to this place whenever I can to have my meals here 🙂
Amee JoAmee Jo
13:47 13 Jan 24
Service here makes the food way better! The staff Mardiana served us eventhough we opted for self collection. She nicely explained us about the special seasonal burger that we ordered and her smiles is like a sunflower.
Ong Zhen yuanOng Zhen yuan
10:34 09 Jan 24
Mardiana is very friendly and helpful. Best McDonald in the area!
Noraisya NoorizwanNoraisya Noorizwan
09:58 12 Dec 23
Tan Seet YnnTan Seet Ynn
17:28 10 Dec 23
Mardiana is an excellent host. Very good service. Attentive, kind, friendly. Accommodate large group for supper
Tieh AaronTieh Aaron
01:34 28 Oct 23
12:46 13 Oct 23
19:54 05 Oct 23
Like a normal mcd u go
Thiru KarthikThiru Karthik
02:59 27 Sep 23
A cozy atmosphere tucked away in the corner of the newly upgraded Limbang Mall.Easy access from both sides. Also easy access for grab riders. There's no congestion in terms of people waiting for food all in the same area. It's a big space with alot of chairs.In terms of food I mean it's MacDonald's. The food is piping hot more often than not. And service is pretty fast.A bit scary to get to at night when the lights of Limbang are all off.
Tony TanTony Tan
04:39 05 Mar 23
The entire situation at this branch was completely out of control in the morning on 5 March 2023. People were crowded around the collection counter asking for their order status, requesting for refund and showing their displeasure as most of them had more than 1 hour wait. Those who make a scene will get their order faster though.As shown in the photos, even drinks were all prepared but no one processed them to serve to customers. I can only imagine those iced drinks to be diluted, or hot coffee being served cold.I experienced the same long waiting time of more than an hour and decided to give up and head to another joint to have my "breakfast" at 11.30am. I did not even get to receive my order ticket because I ordered through the self-service kiosk as the koisk had run out of ticket paper. The ticket paper was replaced after I highlighted to the duty manager about it but did not give me my ticket due to the chaotic situation.I shall treat my money spent on donation to McDonald's, rather than a long uncertain wait ahead.
Paul YoungPaul Young
05:20 05 Feb 23
Ordered at 1230. Table service. Finally collected instead at 110pm. Food really takes a bit of time. But maybe it's new and not as efficient yet. Food is the same as all other McDonald's. Seems like a bit of a power trip issue here. It happened while we were waiting for food so we were worried that our food would be overlooked. Reminded the counter staff. If in a rush, not a place to go to until they sort things out.Beautifully designed and nice place if service can keep up.
Joshua ChewJoshua Chew
10:04 22 Dec 22
Nice and quiet Mc Donald's during off peak hours. The best place to chill and avoid the afternoon sun, can improve the quality of the fries, it's a bit soggy. Breakfast food is decent but buns could have been hotter. Table service is very quick. Cleanliness can be better tho. Also Ezlink at self ordering kiosk not working
10:05 04 Dec 22
Newly renovated in Q3 2022, this McDonald’s seems understaffed. Luckily dinner service was not too crowded.Ordered the Smoky BBQ Chicken set and the potato pops are scattered everywhere. We were also given only 2 napkins / serviettes. Wonder why they are so stingy with it.The fries are also only lukewarm at best. Might be slow moving due to the low traffic hence they didn’t make fresh fries.
McDonald's Keat Hong
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nightwing zoronightwing zoro
07:14 01 Jun 24
Seaweed shaker you forget to put.. curry sauce u forget to put! my drink also you forget to put.. the drink can give to ur mother k
05:01 30 May 24
Ordered spicy nugget meal with honey mustard sauce but did not even give the sauce. Called but so long never answer.
Rom osmanRom osman
03:41 29 May 24
Great experience 😀
Ngo Jiagow (Alex)Ngo Jiagow (Alex)
12:40 28 May 24
Sani JawalSani Jawal
03:10 27 May 24
13:45 10 Mar 24
It's very pleasant to eat there
tan bock hintan bock hin
14:16 06 Mar 24
14:42 05 Mar 24
Nice 🙂
Dloysius SeahDloysius Seah
10:03 03 Mar 24
The Little FishThe Little Fish
05:12 02 Mar 24
Good food and service as far as Macdonalds go. Atmosphere and interior design is nice, but during dinner very hard to find seats.
Ong jonathan maiOng jonathan mai
10:08 09 Feb 24
McDonald's hits the mark with its quick service, familiar flavors, and budget-friendly options. Whether it's the classic Big Mac or speedy drive-thru service, it's a go-to for a fast and satisfying meal on the go. While it may not be a health food haven, McDonald's remains a reliable choice for those seeking a familiar and affordable fast-food fix.
wu zhiminwu zhimin
06:25 09 Feb 24
Long waiting anyhow pack
Nazreen Raimi (Nash)Nazreen Raimi (Nash)
00:10 08 Feb 24
James HoJames Ho
11:54 04 Feb 24
We ordered the hellos kitty set and it was supposed to come with two burgers two curly fries and two drinks but THEY did not give us fries and the place was chaos
12:53 01 Feb 24
02:17 11 Dec 23
Myshka Y.Myshka Y.
15:16 26 Nov 23
Mccafe iced latte is SUPERIOR to starbucks iced latte and it is half the price.
06:31 18 Oct 23
Kok Hai YeeKok Hai Yee
11:17 15 Oct 23
Wait for 30mins for my dinner…… asked for table service become self-service furthermore hv to chase for my order at counter……..
Chan SabrinaChan Sabrina
02:03 06 Oct 23
Guy at the serving counter only focus dine in orders. He don't even bothered to check behind for takeaway order. My number was called way after the person behind me collected but I haven't even collect mine. Manager said have to wait. Only check for me when I already waited for almost 15mins. And the guy placed my food so out on the table till it almost drop. What kind of service is this.... ridiculous..
Patricia LyePatricia Lye
03:01 11 Sep 23
Since “mobile order table service” is an option. You should not disadvantaged those who do so. I made my order via the app entering the table number but I have to go to the counter numerous time because my order is not even up the screen after 30min. The kitchen is really disorganized. Only after I told the staff that if it’s not there, tell me, I go eat somewhere else as I’m really hungry- I can forfeit the order. Then, they reprint and gave me my food and I carried to another table. Cos by now, my table has been taken! So much for table service. Please, if you know the crowd is always there during weekends/ holidays, then get your act up!
Kwang ChenKwang Chen
11:52 04 Aug 23
Gotten mcwrap and salad. My mcwrap did nothing to mcd for them to crushed it into a ball, the tomato from their salad tasted rotten as well. Normally very good service and understandable that they are overwhelmed from large influx of customers but this is too much
Zainon IbrahimZainon Ibrahim
01:34 13 Jun 23
Not my 1st time order fm this outlet n always encountered this prob! Order breakfast deluxe n happy meal but ONLY recd 2pcs of butter, 1 syrup n some chili sauce! Do you it's enuf for 4pcs of hotcakes????????Pls improve!!!!!!!!!
taz yiptaz yip
09:48 11 Oct 22
If u are looking for a fast food restaurant like McDonald, my advise is not to come to this McDonald. I’ve waited for almost 40mins for my order. I’ve never seen such a crowded kitchen with such slow serving service. All the burgers n drink pile up on their preparing table but serving out to the customers rate is not as fast as what they prepare. They don’t even apologise for missing out my order. What a great fast food restaurant they are. Hope they business can sustain for this outlet.2nd review here again. 11Oct2022Look at the amount of fries given. It’s not even full. And where is my 4 curry sauce stated in the order. Not a single sauce given for my order. A reminder to all. If u ever going to order from here. Always check your order before leaving the outlet. Never ever trust them. If possible. Don’t even bother to visit this outlet

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