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Yishun, a dynamic and growing district in northern Singapore, is home to an impressive seven McDonald’s outlets! These convenient locations ensure that no matter where you are in Yishun, you’re never far from a delicious and satisfying meal. Whether you’re craving a classic Big Mac, crispy Chicken McNuggets, or a refreshing McFlurry, McDonald’s Yishun has something to tempt your taste buds. 

McDonalds Yishun Menu
McDonald's Yishun Ring Road

McDo Yishun Ring Road

293 Yishun Street 22, #01-237 East Courtyard, Singapore 760293

McDonald's Yishun Ave 4

McDonald Safra Yishun

60 Yishun Ave 4, #01-11 Safra, Yishun 769027

McDonald's Yishun (YS)

McDo Yishun (YS)

369 Sembawang Rd, #01-01 Sembawang Cottage, Singapore 758382

McDonald's Khatib

McDonalds Khatib

Blk 846 Yishun Ring Rd, #01-3669, Singapore 760846

McDonald's Yishun Ave 6

McDo Yishun Ave 6

461 Yishun Ave 6, #01-03 Blossom Spring@Yishun, Singapore 760461

McDonald's Northpoint

McDonald Yishun Northpoint

930 Yishun Ave 2, #01 – 12 / 13, Singapore 769098

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23:59 30 May 24
It was quite late at night when I went there for supper. Realised there were alot of Malays and Indians sitting there and blasting loud music from their handicap PMD and they didn’t even had any McDonald food on the table.Very bad atmosphere
Kai Ling NeoKai Ling Neo
12:30 12 Apr 24
Ordered take away 2 triple cream cheeseburger and 1 double cream cheeseburgers, giving the benefit of doubt didn’t check. Reached home and realised the order was packed with received 2 double cream cheeseburgers (white paper wrap) and 1 triple cream cheeseburger (brown paper wrap). Tried calling the outlet number 10 times and no answer at all. How ridiculous is this outlet operation. Wrote feedback and request for the balance refund via McDonald app. McDonald should take immediate action against the outlet operation SOP.
15:36 30 Mar 24
Just receive my grab food,my double cheeseburger inside no meat🤬waste my money !
Jayne SJayne S
06:27 07 Mar 24
I usually get the apple slice here for my kid about twice a week . Sometimes we have to wait 20mins just for them to take a pack of apple slice from the fridge . The staff even if nothing to do also will do every order in chronological order haha only if manager guy is working that shift then those with small orders like ice cream or apple slice won’t need to wait in chronological order.
Sharmaine AngSharmaine Ang
12:54 02 Feb 24
Joseph TanJoseph Tan
12:37 02 Feb 24
Very bad situation. My mum comes to this Mcd to buy dinner for my son. $20 to $30 everytime. 6times per week at minimum.90% of the time , orders are correct. 10% are wrong ( Scary ). Ordered for fish and doublecheese burger meal yet received 2 cheese burger meal.Manager is rude as well when called. Only claims busy at the moment.I am also a grab rider , whom spend 75% of my working hours at this mcd. Morning and afternoon shifts ladies are well trained but dinner employee is very very jialat.Management also is another headache. In short , now I finally understand why their business getting slower recently.But lucky for this MCD, my son is very hungry so we lose a few dollars that is fine. Worse is my mum has to go down all over again to buy another set of dinner as the fish has miraculously change to beef.Cannot make it.
Vivian Ting Mee YunVivian Ting Mee Yun
12:40 26 Jan 24
Always missing ingredient 😅 Previously order grilled chicken salad but no chicken given.. Now order pineapple pie.. inside is apple pie 🥲 and wrongly stack the burger. i thought patty missing 😂 is at the bottomWill appreciate mcdonald please improve your QC 😭
at bhat bh
08:19 25 Dec 23
Great place to hang out
Shah DanShah Dan
12:50 18 Dec 23
Asked to remove tartar sauce but they gave with tartar sauce. This is not the first time.
Spencer PawSpencer Paw
02:23 05 Dec 23
I mean, it's McDonald's.
Lois MiligramLois Miligram
14:33 03 Dec 23
Always missing items EVERY time we buy from them. How many times we have to go back after realising. Just now we have missing apple pie, milk, apple from happy meal. It's getting worse and worse. Not everyone has time to double check their order or keep returning to the same outlet that keeps making mistakes
Hoyeah FunaticHoyeah Funatic
15:47 02 Dec 23
Ordered a meal but missing fries! Having Mcdonalds without fries? Disappointment. Hope the staff can be more focus and double check on orders.
Jasmine LimJasmine Lim
12:17 02 Dec 23
Always order from this place it's nearest to my house but the service is poor and i often receive wrong orders. Today they forgot my fries and just last week they forgot my wings and instead gave chicken nuggets..this happens way too often. Food is also not as tasty as northpoint's branch but the queue there is much more intense.
Fafiq AJFafiq AJ
13:28 26 Jul 23
Small branch but so far so good, no complaints, they started out with slow service but it's getting better and better and since then, I don't recall any hiccups. Fast service and well nestled in the new bto neighbourhood and close to the resale houses as well! One of the halal food options in the area good for Muslims staying nearby. Alhamdulillah.
BaoRong YapBaoRong Yap
16:24 21 Jul 23
You guys owe me 1.30..Ordered McChix with cheese to go... Reach home with my burger having only "special order" stick n order chit....Not the first time with missing items... Happy Meal w/o toys, no curry sauce for nuggets and this missing cheese is the 2nd time....Unsalted fries nvm... Less-than-perfect fries i get it...but cmon.... Where's my half size slice of cheese??? Goodness.......
De AeolusDe Aeolus
17:16 20 Jun 23
I can't deny that they need to improve their service, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve the courtesy.On June 14, 2023, while everyone was waiting for the order, McD's staff called the order number loudly several times, but only 1 order was uncollected. Immediately afterwards a uniformed certis security came and ask for his order, the crew told him his food was there, then he seemed uphappy and told the staff to make a new set as he wanted fresh Hot fries, the crew explained to him the food is served in less than a minute, but he insisted on a new one. The staff immediately asked the kitchen to make new ones, however, the security yelled "Kurang Ajar lah" at the staff, the staff didn't seem to understand and he was like "Halo Halo! I want new one now!".This security got everyone's attention including mine, and I noticed this security are the one who always cut queue at bus stop block 391 while boarding. I can see him almost every morning, & today I saw him at Northpoint which reminding me this incident.
McDonald's Northpoint
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Jeyasanthosh JeyaramJeyasanthosh Jeyaram
12:37 13 Mar 24
Went with a friend to Have dinner. The service was quick and had a pleasant experience there. little bit crowded yet we got food quick. Highly recommended outlet.
12:16 13 Mar 24
I stood at the counter for a long time and no one came to check out. Then I was yelled at by a clerk 😓 and told me not to give cash. According to this, cash is not a currency and you have to pay online with card/paynow and wait for them to wait. Tuton's meal preparation?
Bobby ChewBobby Chew
02:17 13 Mar 24
Hafiz YusofHafiz Yusof
10:23 12 Mar 24
Alvin LeoAlvin Leo
09:59 12 Mar 24
Dane YongDane Yong
02:27 11 Feb 24
Ahmad AhlanAhmad Ahlan
02:02 11 Feb 24
Carl PillayCarl Pillay
21:39 10 Feb 24
Please check your order if you do a takeout as I find the rate of errors to be about 40%
Andrew TanAndrew Tan
16:07 10 Feb 24
23:06 06 Feb 24
Toms NgToms Ng
04:35 09 Jan 24
11:43 08 Jan 24
Florence LeeFlorence Lee
10:53 08 Jan 24
Had coffee and muffins from McCafe. Had an enjoyable time with a friend as the day was cool and slightly raining while seated outdoor.
Kylie Garratt-ReedKylie Garratt-Reed
03:54 06 Jan 24
Went in there today and ordered dine in. They got the order wrong but tried again and it was still wrong. They also must have run out of ice as both drinks were served lukewarm. Stood at the counter for over 5 mins without being served. However, there was a worker there cleaning tables, his name was John. He was so pleasant and was doing a great job.
Allan AblangAllan Ablang
16:16 05 Jan 24
Siti Suhaila RahmatSiti Suhaila Rahmat
01:40 07 Dec 23
Went there on 1st Dec 2023 for a quick lunch with the kids. Wanted to get the happy meals toy playset cash register.Ordered fillet o fish meal with corn and milk, mcspicy meal with fries and ice Himalayan tea latte and cheeseburger happy meal with apples and junior Milo without ice.Good hot meals and friendly crew. Mostly crowded place. Will return next time when in Northpoint shopping mall.
Pei LunPei Lun
10:10 27 Sep 23
Always crowded with people at this outlet. Ordered the McWings meal with 30% off from the McDonald app. Seldom eat McWings meal as I will not get full. But with the 30% more keen to try. Thanks for the discount.
LiV3 LiFeLiV3 LiFe
14:26 23 Sep 23
McDonald’s Northpoint is located at the end of Northpoint City (near to the major junction). It has indoor and outdoor seating. There is also a small McCafe. Bought Double Chocolate Frappe to-go. Disappointed on the volume of drink made for two and equally divided into two cups - it was only 3/4 full. The rest of the drink was made up by whipped cream. Noisy ambience.
Andrew ChewAndrew Chew
15:02 20 Sep 23
The black pepper fish burger is not great. Very light flavour.It was crowded as usual.Service was good.
Jill LimJill Lim
00:50 16 Mar 23
Ordered big breakfast. Scrambled eggs is horrible! Overcooked like play dough, very small portion, whole set is worse than happy meal in terms of quality and portion. The scrambled eggs I had recently at jurong spring cc branch was so much better that I immediately gave a positive review because I was so impressed by the value for money of the set. Management should review and take a serious and committed stand on the QC to ensure consistency of the food quality and portion.

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