McDonald's Punggol Outlet

Imagine a place with all your favorite McDonald’s foods but even better. That’s exactly what the Punggol outlets are like. These particular McDonald restaurants are located in the Punggol neighborhood and have something extra fun for everyone.

First, let’s talk about the food. You’ll find all the classic McDo menu items you love, like juicy burgers, crispy fries, and delicious ice cream. But the Punggol outlets also have special treats you won’t find anywhere else, like colorful McFlurrys and exciting new burgers. It’s a food adventure waiting to happen.

McDonalds Punggol Menu

McDonald's Punggol Value Meal Menu

McDonalds Punggol Outlets

McDonald's Punggol's Waterway Point Outlet

McDonald Waterway Point 

83 Punggol Central, B2-07/K4 Waterway Point West Wing, Singapore 828761.

McDonald's One Punggol Outlet in Punggol

McDo One Punggol 

1 Punggol Dr., #01-08/09 One Punggol Community Club, Singapore 828629. 

McDonald's Punggol Safra Outlet in Punggol

McDonald Punggol SAFRA 

9 Sentul Cres, #03-05 SAFRA Punggol, Singapore 828654. 

McDo Punggol Oasis Outlet

McDo Oasis Punggol

Blk 681 Punggol Dr., #02-37/38 Oasis Terraces, Singapore 821669. 

McDo Punggol Outlets in Punggol Singapore

McDo Punggol Community Club

80 Punggol Fld, #01-02 Punggol 21 Community Club, Singapore 828815. 

McDonald Punggol Reviews

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13:20 14 Mar 24
Eddy is very friendly and helpful staff there. We had some issue to redeem the deal in the apps, scanned the deal but end up paying the full price. Eddy was so helpful and patient enough to explain to us what goes wrong and help us to do a cancelation and refund, and buy again with that 50% deal. His service worth a raise!
Ethan F.Ethan F.
05:32 11 Mar 24
System does not provision for waiting time whereby patrons are informed via app when food is ready for collection, like other fast food chains. The in-store queue number system does not work as planned, numbers randomly appear and disappear when store is busy. Staff habitually resorts to shouting out queue numbers. Serviette not given with order. Overall impression is highly disorganized workflow with trays & bags stacked everywhere. MHQ should audit the franchisee for productivity, service & quality lapses.
14:50 28 Feb 24
Mcdonalds team, Forgotten my sauce and chicken when i ordered my salad, well we’re humans and we forget things. But here’s the amazing part. the staff “Apple”, she walked over to my place to provide a brand new salad.That is probably the pinnacle of customer service 👍 , thank you apple and team.
Alvin AwAlvin Aw
10:36 15 Feb 24
Benjamin WongBenjamin Wong
16:27 12 Feb 24
Barely any onions in my prosperity burger and did not provide curry sauce as requested in my online order
Very slow. Accused of me being a thief. I thanked them for finally getting my food after 1 hour of waiting but they were rude. I was smiling at them but they accused me of being a thief. I tried to tell them half an hour after placing the order that it was not on the screen but they failed to make my food and said rudely that they were not in charge of the food. Because I was a teenager, they accused me of stealing. They were slow. Lack of coordination and communication. I am not gonna buy here anymore
Adrian SongAdrian Song
12:54 09 Feb 24
Theres no caramel in my CARAMEL oreo frappe??????
Aiden NgAiden Ng
04:05 09 Feb 24
Bad. Never gotten my order for more than 1 hour. He atmosphere and food is still good though.
Don CheadleDon Cheadle
07:54 14 Jan 24
Fast and efficent service
XR 02XR 02
11:26 09 Jan 24
The auntie packing the order was rude when I was asking her about my order as I was away for awhile. After waiting and customers before me and after me leave with their orders, I realize they had lost my order but when I went to the counter to ask those who were packing the order they simply ignored me. It wasn't even busy, they were just not organized and had bad attitude please train your staff better.
03:11 05 Jan 24
Having breakfast here is such a delight! Received top notch service from Mr Chan Huat & Miss Rachel! They deserve an award for great service.
Diyana KamalDiyana Kamal
12:25 16 Dec 23
Short staffed. Staff ignores you when you go to the counter. Needs to fix their system as ordering over the machine only resulted in more waiting time as compared to ordering over the counter. Fusses over how many sauces you're entitled to than finding a more efficient system.
H T299 (HT299)H T299 (HT299)
06:28 07 Dec 23
They totally forgot my order. How is this fast food when my order is placed at 1410h and I got my food ar 1426 and that is after I asked about my order. To make things worse, there was NO crowd! And they placed my order at the counter not calling me out. This is unacceptable!
Ryaan HannafiRyaan Hannafi
02:16 05 Dec 23
Will always have missing items when i take away from here.
Mavric TanMavric Tan
02:36 04 Dec 23
Very chaotic. Orders take too long to be served. Can wait up to an hour and staff doesn't really seem to be helpful in tracking orders
14:28 30 Nov 23
Hey Macdonald at punggol 21 CC. I'm extremely passed off with your this outlet. Not the first time I experienced missing items. I ordered from grab for 3 Happy meals just becos for the new play set , paid for so much money and end up no toy at all. No sauces at all. My kids face of disappointment as they are awaiting for the toy. Hey Macdonald at punggol 21 Cc. Wake up your packers can ? Customers ordered for your Happy Meal you think its for your damn nuggets or fries or ice milo ? Its becos for the damn Happy meal toys for our kids and yet your packers can forget to pack into customers order ? I am so furious that I keep calling the damn punggol 21 Cc number. You can see how many calls I made in my screen shot and can't call through at all. The more furious I'm and I drove down straight to your outlet. Everyone is busy with many orders, I try to give some understand but I again passed off when I'm standing there and every staffs is busy and don't even ask me for any assistance. I asked who is the manager, saw a lady and a Indian male manager but they stopped ignore me. Very well done. What a good service and I can see the packers are actually your 2 managers. The Indian manager can even pack things and throwing around, putting the tray hard etc. I can give a little understanding that your orders are overwhelming but come on. This is our food, yet you can pack fast and throw around. I try to look at him and he comtinue treat me transparent. That made me very confirmed he is the 1 who packed my order wrongly without putting my 3 toys in and also my sauces. Hey Mac punggol 21. Your packers are definitely need more improvements. Customer ordered delivery and end up missing orders, customer still need to go down personally just to take the missing orders. Hotline can't even call through. What service is that. Its absolutely unforgiveable and its extremely disappointed.FYI its GF-495Inv#301669900019394
Chloe The PoodleChloe The Poodle
11:30 23 Nov 23
Poor service. Assume that our order are still on the waiting screen. Order 1 waffles fries and 1 peach pie. Waited 20-30min but no news about our order while numbers are cleared over the screen. We obviously came first and our orders are just fries and pie. While the number behind us are a huge order and they get priorities first but our order are not even prepared. Hope this can be improved..
14:00 06 Oct 23
I have waited for my order 25mins & ask for curry sauce & chilli sauce but the server was reluctant to gave us. i feel that this is really ridiculous to wait for so long when other people behind get their orders first. not just that she carried out my fries & most of them had fallen to the floor i dont know whats wrong with them
Babyrin AjinBabyrin Ajin
08:08 20 Aug 23
Great service from Staff Setha. As i waited for my order (a drink, sharing box and fries) but take so long. Go to counter to ask why, due to chicken still cooking for another 10 more sec. As my Drink (Frappe Oreo) been prepare before my food. She replace a New Drink. My fries she give fresh from the fryer. And went extra miles to even give me complimentary dessert.
Junling TohJunling Toh
13:57 24 Jul 23
Generally good service provided consistently even during peak hours when they are swamped with orders. I had an issue with paying using Grab Pay for my mobile order, but the manager on duty was super understanding and settled the matter for me promptly! Most of the elderly service staff also serve with a smile on their faces 🙂
McDonald's Punggol Oasis
Based on 1093 reviews
powered by Google
15:30 25 Mar 24
Mixes up order every once in a while, and closes whenever it wants to. Like my father owe them money
Bice NoyBice Noy
11:51 24 Mar 24
waited half an hour until my number gona from screen still not prepared. Turned out employee using phone😅. Then go home see walao eh whole burger missing. Terrible service…..
audrey amandaaudrey amanda
03:48 20 Mar 24
I've encountered several issues on multiple occasions which have left me quite dissatisfied.Firstly, during my initial visit last month in February, I ordered through the McDonald's self-pickup option. However, upon receiving my order, I noticed that the quantity of fries provided was significantly less than what is typically served at other outlets. Despite providing feedback through the McDonald's app, I did not receive any follow-up communication from your team.Secondly, during my most recent visit today, I encountered further problems. On two separate occasions, I received the wrong drink with my order. While one instance involved the omission of my drink altogether, the other instance resulted in the incorrect drink being provided. I ordered an Oreo caramel frappe, but was given a mocha caramel frappe instead. This level of inconsistency and error is not acceptable.Lastly, there have been numerous occasions where the food has arrived soggy and cold. Waiting for 45 minutes for a cheeseburger, especially in a fast-food restaurant setting, is simply unacceptable.
Brian PohBrian Poh
03:20 19 Mar 24
ordered delivery from the app, delivered the wrong food because the outlet packed the wrong one.
Jia Wei TanJia Wei Tan
13:31 17 Mar 24
rapheal azrinrapheal azrin
09:13 20 Feb 24
Munirajsivakumar MMunirajsivakumar M
05:15 18 Feb 24
Ryan Matthias LowRyan Matthias Low
01:39 10 Feb 24
Worst customer service and food is cold. Ordered happy meal a lot of times from this outlet and always miss out my kid's toy. Won't recommend this outlet
Teck Guan NgTeck Guan Ng
10:12 04 Feb 24
The location is good, but the service speed is always horrible..
Xu *******Xu *******
01:59 03 Feb 24
Food was good but waited almost 30mins for food to be ready. Not a good choice when you only have less than an hr for meal.
Sincera_ MiscPatronSincera_ MiscPatron
07:24 19 Jan 24
Recommend go for breakfast sets or desserts or other snacks.The burgers and nuggets all meat texture are tasteless and dryand fries too.Overall McDonald is not what is used to be.
Pretty BellPretty Bell
04:58 15 Jan 24
Nice place to chill at night. Aircon is cooling and good!
Roy ChaiRoy Chai
12:26 13 Jan 24
Mara ChandranMara Chandran
07:31 13 Jan 24
ArunKumar SriramuluArunKumar Sriramulu
06:26 13 Jan 24
19:19 17 Dec 23
Chia Teck WeiChia Teck Wei
07:03 15 Dec 23
D. “DOREE” GaelaD. “DOREE” Gaela
06:55 11 Dec 23
Sim Chin YongSim Chin Yong
03:52 10 Dec 23
Gabriel ChueGabriel Chue
05:46 06 Dec 23
Good customer's service👍👍
Marcus GweeMarcus Gwee
06:51 20 Nov 23
Fries is always soggy .... pls improve much as you guys wana be lazy ... pls don't leave the fries leaving there for over an hr
Anna SahlanAnna Sahlan
00:41 26 Oct 23
Love the ambience in the morning. Not too crowded and delicious food. Nyam!
02:07 21 Oct 23
Unfortunately, I visit this outlet frequently as I stay in the vicinity of Oasis Terrace. The restaurant is too packed for anything to function normally. Waiting time can be up to 45 mins for a "fast food" restaurant. Seats are hard to get, and garbage bin is almost full - problematic when you have to self return trays. Fries can be less cooked than norm as though they are rushing it out due to the crowd. Still edible, but not within expectation.
Shen Don MikelShen Don Mikel
12:59 14 Oct 23
Ordered a McSpicy meal, table service. I feels that the fries is not hot enough, as I had to mix it with the seaweed shaker's spices, it just don't turns out that appealing to me. But I'm satisfied with the food and dining ambience....
Hanna TanHanna Tan
06:37 03 Oct 23
I had a lunch appointment at McDonald's, and during my visit, I accidentally left my iPad on the couch. Fortunately, the attentive and helpful crew noticed it and kept it safe for me. I'm incredibly grateful for their honesty and quick action. Kudos to the team for their excellent service!

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