Choose from delicious classics like dunkable Chicken McNuggets, warm Apple Pie for dessert, and a big order of Large Fries to share with friends. In the mood for something lighter? Their salads are a tasty option, too.

Getting dinner at McDonald’s is quick and easy. Their chicken is crispy and tasty, and their sides are yummy. They use quality ingredients to make your food. Don’t wait; enjoy a delicious McDonald’s dinner tonight.

McDonald’s Dinner Menu Price

McDonald’s has a separate dinner menu with same prices. They offer mcd full menu all day, so you can enjoy all their burgers, fries, and treats for dinner at the same prices. You can grab your favourite Chicken McNuggets (6 Pieces), an Apple Pie, or even an OREO McFlurry for dinner without worrying about a price change. Checkout McDonald’s full menu with prices online before you head out so you know what to expect.

Chicken McCrispy (6 Pieces)

McDonald Chicken McCrispy Menu Price

Enjoy a tasty treat with six Chicken McNuggets, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, perfect for a satisfying snack or meal.

Price in SGD $: 18.90

Chicken McNuggets (9 Pieces)

McDonalds Chicken McNuggets (9 Pieces)

Hearty serving of nine Chicken McNuggets, crispy and tender bites of chicken that make for a satisfying snack or meal. 

Price in SGD $: 6.80

Apple Pie

McDo Apple Pie Price

Enjoy the sweet taste of an Apple Pie, with its crispy crust and warm, cinnamon-flavoured apple filling, a delicious dessert everyone loves.

Price in SGD $: 2.10

Banana Pie

McDonalds Banana Pie Menu

Savour the sweet taste of our Banana Pie with its crispy golden crust and warm, gooey banana filling, a delicious dessert that’ll leave you craving more.

Price in SGD $: 1.85

Large French Fries™

McDo Large French Fries Price

Try out our Large French Fries™, crispy and golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, the perfect side to accompany your meal.

Price in SGD $: 4.20

Roasted Sesame & Seaweed McShaker Fries (Large)

McD Roasted Sesame & Seaweed McShaker Fries

Try our Large Roasted Sesame & Seaweed McShaker Fries, seasoned with a delicious blend of roasted sesame and savoury seaweed flavours, adding a tasty twist to your favourite fries.

Price in SGD $: 4.20

OREO McFlurry

McDonald OREO McFlurry

Treat yourself to an OREO McFlurry, a creamy blend of vanilla soft-serve ice cream swirled with delicious OREO cookie pieces, a delightful dessert that’ll satisfy your sweet cravings.

Price in SGD $: 3.50

Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry

McDonald's Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry

Enjoy the delightful Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry, a creamy mix of vanilla soft-serve ice cream swirled with sweet strawberry sauce and tasty shortcake crumbles, a perfect treat for any dessert lover.

Price in SGD $: 3.90

Caramel Frappe (Medium)

McDoanld's Caramel Frappe (Medium)

Quench your thirst with a Medium Caramel Frappe, a creamy blend of coffee, caramel flavour, and ice, topped with whipped cream, a perfect treat to cool down and enjoy.

Price in SGD $: 4.95

Enjoy a variety of tasty options like burgers, chicken meals, Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry, and sides for a satisfying dinner.

Yes, you can find value meals and combo deals that include a main dish, fries, and a drink, perfect for a filling dinner at a great price.

Absolutely! You can customize your burger toppings, choose your preferred sauce, and even opt for healthier sides like Banana Pie or fruit options to make your dinner just the way you like it.