McDonald’s Lunch Singapore has tons of yummy lunch choices, like Happy Sharing Box A, Chicken McCrispy (6 Pieces) and Chicken McCrispy Upsized Meal (2 Pieces). Want something lighter? Their salads are a delicious option.

McDonald’s makes Lunch a breeze. You can grab food fast and find a McDonald’s close by. McDonald’s chicken is crunchy and yummy, and their sides are delicious, too. They use the good stuff to make our food. Don’t wait; have a tasty McDonald’s Lunch today.

McDonald’s Lunch Menu Price

McDonald’s lunch rush got you hungry, and they have it all. McDonald’s lunch has something yummy for everyone. McDonald’s lunchtime is delicious. Grab a Happy Sharing Box A to share with friends, or choose a 6-piece Chicken McCrispy for a bigger bite. Try the Chicken McCrispy Upsized Meal with 2 pieces.

Happy Sharing Box A

McDonalds Happy Sharing Box A Price Singapore

For a feast that delights, the Happy Sharing Box A ignites a blend of flavours to excite all night.

Price in SGD $: 14.20

Chicken McCrispy (6 Pieces)

McDonald Chicken McCrispy Menu Price

Enjoy six delicious pieces of Chicken McCrispy for a crisp, satisfying, and tasty meal.

Price in SGD $: 18.90

Chicken McCrispy Upsized Meal (2 Pieces)

McDonald's Chicken McCrispy Upsized Meal (2 Pieces)

Savour the crispy delight. Two pieces in a meal, Chicken McCrispy, where every bite’s a steal.

Price in SGD $: 10.30

Angus BLT Upsized Meal

McDoanlds Angus BLT Upsized Meal

Savour a hearty Angus BLT Upsized Meal, packed with juicy Angus beef, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomatoes for a delicious feast.

Price in SGD $: 10.95

Chicken McCrispy Meal (2 Pieces)

McDoanld's Chicken McCrispy Meal (2 Pieces)

Delight in a Chicken McCrispy Meal with two pieces of crispy chicken served with your favourite sides for a tasty and satisfying meal.

Price in SGD $: 9.30

Double Filet-O-Fish Meal

McDo Double Filet-O-Fish Meal Menu

The Double Filet-O-Fish Meal is a McDonald’s menu item that features a sandwich with two fish patties instead of one.

Price in SGD $: 9.00


McDoanlds McSpicy Price Singapore

Spice up your meal with the fiery flavour of a McSpicy Burger, featuring a crispy chicken patty topped with spicy sauce and served on a soft bun for a taste sensation.

Price in SGD $: 6.80


McDonald McChicken Menu List Singapore

The McChicken is a classic McDonald’s sandwich featuring a crispy chicken patty and creamy mayonnaise between a soft sesame seed bun.

Price in SGD $: 5.20

Grilled Chicken McWrap Meal

McDonald Grilled Chicken McWrap Meal Price List

The Grilled Chicken McWrap Meal from McDonald’s is a lighter option featuring a wrap instead of a burger.

Price in SGD $: 8.70

Yes! McDonald’s offers a full menu all day in Singapore so you can enjoy all their yummy options anytime during lunch.

McDonald’s has classic burgers like the Big Mac, crispy Chicken McNuggets for dipping in your favourite sauce, and even salads for a lighter option.

You can easily check out McDonald’s complete menu with pictures and prices on McDonald’s website.