McChicken Meal Menu Price

Welcome to McDonald’s McChicken Meal Menu, where delicious meals await you. McDonald’s offers a variety of tasty options for everyone. If you’re a fan of chicken, you’ll love McDonald’s Meal. It comes with a flavorful McChicken sandwich, crispy golden fries, and your refreshing drink choice. 

The McChicken Meal is delicious and affordable, making it an excellent choice for a satisfying meal. You can also go for the Double McChicken Meal if you’re extra hungry. It includes two mouthwatering McChicken sandwiches, a generous serving of fries, and your favourite drink.

The McChicken Meal price is budget-friendly, ensuring you get a tasty meal. McChicken Meal calories won’t weigh you down. Enjoy a McChicken Meal for an even more satisfying experience. Visit us today and enjoy the deliciousness of a McChicken Meal at an affordable price.

McChicken Meal Menu

McChicken Meal Price

DishesPrice In SGD
Spicy McChicken Deluxe Meal$8.90
McChicken Sandwich$5.50
Spicy McChicken Extra Value Meal$7.90
McChicken Extra Value Meal$7.90
McChicken Deluxe Meal$8.90
McChicken Meal

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

McDonald’s McChicken Meal Menu costs S$6.90.

Yes, the McDonald’s McChicken Meal Menu is Halal-certified.

Final Word

McDonald’s McChicken Meal is yummy and affordable for a good meal. You can choose the regular McChicken Meal, the Double McChicken Meal or the McChicken Happy Meal if you want less food. McDonald’s also has the McChicken Extra Value Meal for those who want more. So, if you want a tasty chicken meal, go to McDonald’s and enjoy the delicious McChicken Meal at an affordable price.

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